A summer to end all summers. 

Well here we go folks! Another semester going down in the books and one step closer to my goal. I’m not the only one starting school today, my husband also is going back to school this semester to get his EMT certificate and end goal to get on the Fire Department. We are really excited for the upcoming year with all the possibilities it may hold for us. img_5873(This is our feline that couldn’t get out of bed this morning)

This summer was different than most for us. We experienced new things, ate new foods, read new books (less than what I wanted), I think in all it was a very uplifting summer. That is the only way of describing it. We loved each other, we grew closer together, supported each other through the changes we went through, we became a true married couple. Maybe I should call this “the summer of love”. img_3978

If this summer didn’t happen I would still be on the nursing path and probably be very unhappy going to school today, but that’s not the case. I am locked and load! And very excited to see my old school friends I made last semester. I am a big friend maker, but when I would go to school I would go, leave and not talk to anyone, but last semester I spend a lot of time with my anatomy study group and we became a little close.

I’m excited to come home today and crack open the bottle of Champagne we have in the fridge, cheers to a great first day of school, talk about everything that happened and eat the enormous amount of leftovers we have in the fridge. I made my famous spicy shrimp pasta bake that is a fan favorite. img_5829

Well here is to a great semester!

Here’s to love!

Here’s is to getting good grades!

Here’s to working hard!

And here is to a wonderful life!

Stay nerdy my Girl Scouts!img_5857(Speaking of nerdy, who watched Game of Thrones last night?? What are your thoughts for the last episode, I would love to hear them 🙂 ) This shirt was on


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Come on my shirt is really bad ass.

Friday morning coffee news!


Happy Friday morning people! I have been up since 7AM to go to an early DR appointment and didn’t drink my coffee because the last time I had an early DR appointment and had coffee they told me my heart rate and blood pressure was high. I had to explain that I had a good cup of joe and not to worry. So I rushed home after my appointment because I knew what was waiting when I got home.

So what’s new you ask?! Well I have my buzz off this new coffee from a town Escanaba, MI and it is GREAT! This is some of the most fresh coffee I have had! img_5674UP North Roast Coffee!! My favorite of the two is the Premium Blend, I think it almost taste like coca with a hint of peanut butter, I know sounds delish huh? The best part about this coffee is that I am supporting a small business! As much as I do like Starbucks coffee blends, I love supporting the smaller coffee shops to keep people’s dreams alive.

img_5812This coffee I can say is very different from most just because of the color of it. This is the color of both coffees and you may think “yeah this is normal”, but in person it is truly a lighter color. I LOVE IT! So unique. This shop is located about an hour north of where my mom lives, so next time I go to visit her we will have to make a little trip to this shop!

Below are a couple of selfies enjoying my cup of coffee in my “Death Before Decaf” Shirt.

img_5801img_5805img_5806img_5808img_5809Hey its Friday! I’m just enjoying my time before I go to work! Heres the link to the UP North Roast website for you to get your own bag of coffee to try!


Read about how their business got started, it’s a good story!

Have a good Friday my Girl Scouts!

P.S. I ate a bunch of chocolate covered espresso beans with my coffee, so I feel that’s why I took so many pictures, my brain can’t decided on one!

My mid-22 life crisis.


The past couple weeks have been kinda an emotional roller coaster for me with school starting again on Monday. Usually, I get excited for school to start again, but this time I didn’t get the feeling. For those of you who don’t know I was on the path to getting my bachelors in Nursing, I chose the profession because I want to help people, I want to have a good job that will give me good life skills, I know I can get a job anywhere and the pay would be good.

For weeks I haven’t been able to sleep well, nervous because I keep asking myself if I am making the right decision, if this is what I truly want to do or am I doing it just because it’s a good career. If I am asking myself these questions deep in my gut I know I don’t want to do it.  I have always told myself I want to be happy with my profession and I don’t think that I will truly be happy with it.

I still want to help people, I know that, and I don’t want all the classes I took to go to waste. So whats the first thing I do? Call my mom. I blew her phone up almost in panic because I didn’t know what to do with my life (we have a 2 hour time difference just to let you know, these were late phone calls). I also blew up my best friend because she is in a masters program for athletic training and loves it. I also found advise though my school by emailing different program members asking what my options were.

This summer was different than most, I actually took care of my body. I really got into fitness, I love the atmosphere, I love finding new fun foods to try that are actually good for our bodies, and I tried new things that truly opened my mind to the possibilities I can do.

So after all the debating and researching I decided what I want to do, I want to be a Registered Dietitian. I want to help people who want to better themselves and who need the proper guidance to do so. I want to learn about how the things we put in our body affects us, and how they affect people differently. I want to do so many things and I know I will go far with this.

img_5791So here’s to a kombucha cheers! (I LOVE KOMBUCHA!)

Never forget to love yourself and love what you do!

and if someone took this post to heart and are having second thoughts on what you want to do with your life, seek help! I can’t imagine what I would feel like now if I didn’t take the first step and talk about it with someone.

Spread love and peace my Girl Scouts.

Pico De Yum-O!

Hey! Long time no talk! Its my fault I know, but its the end of my summer and I have been spending it with the people I love, enjoying some good me time and binge Scandal (I’m currently in season 4, about mid-season, and I don’t want Fitz and Oliva together, weird? I love Jake, but still don’t know the truth if he killed you know who, so don’t tell me!).

So I today I thought I would share with you something so easy that paired so well with the mahi-mahi fish tacos I made for dinner.


  • 5 Roma tomatoes
  • 1 bunch of cilantro
  • 1/2 red onion
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 1/2 lime
  • 1 jalapeno
  • S+P
  • Onion powder
  • Garlic Powder
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  1. I diced the tomatoes in small pieces and when all the tomatoes were cut up I would grab a handful a time and squeeze the tomatoes in my hand before putting it in the bowl so it doesn’t turn out super juicy like salsa.
  2. Then I diced up the onion like the tomatoes and added to the mix.
  3. Dice the jalapeno and garlic clove fine so it spreads evenly through the dip.
  4. Then shred the cilantro with a fork to take off the steam, the diced fine as well and add to mix. I used about 3/4 of the bunch in the mix, but I had a smaller amount, use what you like.
  5. Then mix everything together and add the S+P, onion powder, garlic powder, sugar and lime juice. I just sprinkled the seasonings in, just make sure not to over do it because the pico will have to sit for 1-2 hours in the refrigerator for the flavors to soak together. You can always add more of what you want later.

CONGRATS! You made the most simple pico de gallo, and very tasty too! img_5667

Well that’s all for tonight because I’m tired after yoga class tonight and to be honest I think the heat has gotten to me the past couple days because I am just so tired. 2 more months until we get some nicer weather and it can’t come faster!

Until next time my girl scouts.

Stay positive!


Frosting for Breakfast.

Good Late Morning!! My husband and I defiantly slept in late today, but with summer coming to an end we need some extra sleep before school starts.

So you know that box I got in the mail yesterday? It was filled with my favorite thing in the world (besides my mom), DOOR COUNTY COFFEE! And guess what they have released a new flavor too!! img_5582Frosting on the CAKE!! Whats your favorite frosting? Buttercream? Whip cream (I don’t consider it real frosting, but people put it on their cake for some reason)? Personally, I love cream cheese frosting to the moon and back! My next favorite would be buttercream and this is what this coffee takes like! Oh some buttercream frosting on a cinnamon coffee cake just sounds so delightful. Alright back to the coffee, when I did wake up this morning, I jumped out of bed, got the coffee in the filter and stood by the coffee maker watching each drip of caffeinated goodness drop down into the pot. Some mornings I swear my coffee maker taunts me by taking FOREVER to brew the coffee ( it really takes the same amount of time every time I’m just being dramatic). Finally the coffee alarm went off, I poured the coffee in my new Door County Coffee mug, and burned my tongue with the delicious scolding hot coffee! I never regret burning my taste buds with truly terrific coffee. Especially coffee that taste like vanilla buttercream frosting. Seriously Door County Coffee makes any imaginable flavor of coffee to be good. I mean come on Frosting on the Cake, who wouldn’t want to wake up to that in their coffee cup? YUM!

You want to try this new amazing coffee you say? Well they released this coffee to celebrate their 24th anniversary! So if you ask me, now is the perfect time to try it their coffee because their website is offering 24% off EVERYTHING! YES EVERYTHING! So if i were you I would pick out a bunch of their sample packs to find your favorite flavor and throw a mug in with your purchase just because I know you want a super cute mug to pair with your amazing coffee! Hey and if you spend of $49, you’ll get free shipping on top of it!


Use the code 24YEARS when you buy your coffee too!

img_5595 (This photo is when I took my first sip of this dreamy coffee)img_5592

(And this coffee is when the coffee sank deep in my soul, and changed my life forever) (Did I mention I am pretty dramatic? Well if I didn’t then ask my mother, she’ll inform you how dramtic I am 🙂 )

Well until my next caffeine fix my Girl Scouts.

P.S. Coffee is for owners and boxes are for kitties!


My Monday Blues.

I sit here listening to the thunder rolling right around my apartment with the storm going completely around my me, as a typical Arizona storm would do. Today, was not a good Monday. I woke up with a terrible migraine that came out of no where, so brewed my favorite coffee to perk me back up. img_5573Because who doesn’t want some “Heavenly Caramel” on a Monday morning. Drinking coffee in the morning defiantly makes me feel better especially when I have “Friends” on the telly! As I was sitting on the couch I notice I had to leave for work in 15 minutes. UGH! I changed 4 different times before I left the house and I didn’t leave looking even remotely decent. It’s a good thing that I get to wear whatever I like as long as my butt isn’t hanging out and my armpits aren’t showing. So I went to work as if I was going to the gym because it was the only thing that was semi comfortable. Then, I got to work and my headache was still dwindling in the background. Work wasn’t too awful, besides the fact it was so slow and I didn’t make money, but not much is to be expected on a Monday morning.

Since I was already dressed for the gym I drove straight there after work. Now, the exit at my work is a roundabout to get on the freeway, and it still flabbergastes me that people don’t know how to drive around them! There was a van and myself waiting to enter onto the roundabout, he was on the left and I was on the right so he was on the inside. The road was clear so we both went at the same time and this guy must have thought that there was an imaginary line because he was driving in my lane and his! HE ALMOST RAN ME OFF THE ROAD AND INTO  THE FREEWAY DITCH! LET ME JUST ADD I JUST MADE MY FIRST CAR PAYMENT AND THIS GUY ALMOST KILLED ME AND MY NEW CAR. My adrenaline was pumping so hard I was seeing spots. Also I saw my life flash before my eyes so that’s probably why my heart was racing so.

The gym was good. Worked a lot on my back and chest. There was one guy though that was driving me a little crazy because throughout his entire workout he was making these LOUD breathing noises through his teeth. Normally, I’m not bother by people when they are lifting heavy and pushing out the carbon dioxide between reps, but if I can hear your whistle breathing (what I would like to call it) with my headphones in and can point out what machine your on throughout the entire gym you are going to give yourself a hernia. I don’t intend to be mean, but I was losing my focus.

A couple of times a week I go in the sauna after the gym so I can relax my muscles and I was thinking I should relax by the pool when I got back home. My husband and I never really go in out apartment pool because there are always so many kids in the pool see we see it more as a hole in the ground filled with pee, but I needed some good vitamin D amd some fresh air. Yes, I live in Phoenix, AZ the most sunny state in the Untied States, and I am the whitest person who lives here. AND I’M OK WITH IT. Just means that my skin will be beautiful when I’m older and I have a less chance of getting skin cancer! GO ME! img_5559My day stated getting better as I saw the clouds rolling in the distance so I decided to head back inside, but not without making a stop at my mail hut. Let me say, My day got brighter when I saw what I had in my mailbox! img_5560 This is just to tease you about whats inside the box! Stay tuned tomorrow morning for what I got inside!

Now I am home and thinking to myself that today wasn’t really a bad day. I just found things that bothered me and dwelled on it. I remember I would tell my friend when we were in high school the rain washes away all the bad and the new day will bring the good and sunshine. So here I am telling myself my own words of wisdom. img_5576img_5578

My Monday Blues have come and gone with the storm and tomorrow will be a great new day and a day off work at that!

Some regulars came into the restaurant today and asked me hows school going and I politely reminded them I still have 3 weeks! I don’t want to think about not having a life yet! I’ll worry about that next week.

Until tomorrow morning Girl Scouts!




Have you ever been to the beautiful state of Wisconsin? All my family on my mother’s side and some from my father’s side live there and it’s always a treat when I get a plane ticket to go! I love Wisconsin because it is so different from Arizona, it is a quite a culture shock when you go because the people are 10 times nicer, the atmosphere is 10 times better and you truly get all the aspects of nature like seeing the animals running in the woods, everything is so green and there are fresh bodies of water everywhere. My mom moved back almost a year ago to the town of Marinette and she always keeps me updated on whats going on with the town, and when I heard there is going to be a mine built on the Menominee River, my heart hurt. Menominee river

This river is actually my grandmothers backyard and flows all the way down to my mom’s house. A street away from my moms house to be exact.  A mining company wants to put a sulfide mine right in this spot (picture below) to drill out silver, copper, and other minerals while contaminating the river with its waste-products.


Photo taken by Danika Laine

menomineecountymenOpposers may think, how much harm can it really do? However, there is always a start and end and some parts are very wide that also have a strong current. So the waste of the mine WILL travel and WILL effect all the wild life the river has to offer. Not only will the mine effect the fish in the water, but will affect the animals that use the water for hydration and to bathe in. img_5525img_5526menominee-river-fall-2012-Beautiful pictures right? Now think of a mine right in the middle of the tree line and just imagine all of the contaminated fumes coming out of the buildings and polluting the air of the surrounding areas. No one should breathe in chemical tainted air and neither should the animals that live in the area.The river is 116 miles long and effects both Wisconsin and Michigan, also the river runs right into the Green Bay, which will be especially harmful to the people who live there.

I know what you are thinking why is a girl from Phoenix, Arizona worried about a river 2,100 miles away? This affects the town my family lives in and my favorite place to be. Everyone far and near needs to stand up together and put an end to contamination. Save the wildlife and save the beauty of the area. There are only so many sacred places left in the world, and they need to stay that way.

Here are some links for you to learn more about whats going on:




Stand up Girl Scouts!

❤ E. Little

Fun Fact: I wore my Back 40 Mine Shirt today and someone here in Phoenix recognized knew the river, so I spread the word of whats going on. Save the River! img_5500