6/30 Daily Reminder. 

I know most of you are excited because it’s Friday and it’s the start of everyone’s weekends, but if you don’t have a normal Monday thru Friday job like myself, Friday is just the start of a work weekend.

Today, I just wanted to remind everyone to thats it’s okay to be kind. Sounds weird right, but I see so many people in a weekend and you have no idea how much it makes my day when I see people being kind to one another. 

I know what you are thinking, why would she have to remind people to be kind. You wouldn’t believe some of the people I meet in one weekend, and just because one person may be having a bad day they need to ruin everyone’s day as well. And that is not the way to be. 

And if your already having a bad day. Think as right now in this moment, you are starting fresh move past whatever bothered you and look up! It makes for a better life and there isn’t enough time in the world to dwell on something that upset you. 

Okay that’s it for today! 

Have a great day everyone! 

Peace out Girl Scouts ✌🏻 

P. S. Here’s a picture of my funny cat. Her name is Cleo. And Cleo Patra when she’s in trouble. 

Date night, With a Side of Happy Hour!

This week my husband and I were lucky enough to get a day off together so we decided to treat ourselves and try something new! My husband works by this restaurant called Kona Grill and we have been dying to try so we got all dolled up and headed out the door! We got there pretty early around 4 o’clock and it’s Tuesday so of course we had the entire restaurant to ourselves. Our server was totally awesome. He came up, greeted us and I asked if they offer a happy hour. He’s said that it is only available in the bar, but then he looked around and said “I’ll give it to you guys since no one is here”. Score! Personally, I don’t understand the whole happy hour in the bar only thing, but I don’t make the rules. He brought over a list of all the delicious drinks and food that they offer. Let me tell you, they have a great selection of food to choose from compared to most places for happy hour.

The libation I chose tonight was a Sake Sangria.  And if this picture doesn’t say it all I don’t know what will! It was so refreshing, light and I love the blackberry touch.

We got a variety of food so we could try a little bit of everything and let me say holy cow what great flavor all these dishes have.

We started off getting one of our favorites, Calamari, and it came with this hot sauce to dip in which was to die for. We also got two rolls, I cannot for the life of me which one the green one was called, I think the Wave Roll, and it was more of a basic sushi order. The other one was the best roll I have had in a long time, it’s called the VooDoo Roll. You’ll never guess what it had inside, CRAWFISH. Yep, it was outstanding. This is a roll you can’t anywhere else and it was topped with this sweet and spicy habanero sauce that will blow you away. My husband ordered this Jalapeño Yellowfin Sashimi and I trusted him that it tasted great. I personally do not get into sashimi because I don’t like the texture of raw fish by itself. He told me he liked the cut of the fish and how it paired nicely with the cilantro and the jalapeno on top.

We wanted to try more of their creations so we ordered another round of happy hour treats. First, was a Margarita flatbread. I love how putting balsamic glaze on pizza is now a thing and paired with the basil was so delish. Next time, I will ask for extra basil because I think it brings a fresh taste to the flatbread. Next, we got the Spicy Shrimp Tempura appetizer.  What I loved about this dish is the shrimp wasn’t overly breaded and it was tossed in this great spicy sauce. Last, but not least we got the Checkerboard roll, and what really stuck out to me is that there was asparagus inside the roll that gave it a great taste. The presentation was awesome.

Well there you have it! Now I know everyone is going to try it out! We already planned out what we want to get the next time we go.

We went to the City North location on the corner of 53rd St and High St.

http://www.konagrill.com/ ….. Heres the link so you can find the closest location to you!

I hope you day is as great as ours!

Peace out Girl Scouts.


Forever Friends.

Today I would like to talk about some of the greatest people I have ever met in my life. My truest friends. All of my friends are all so different from each other and have so much life about them it lifts me up. Now I sound spiritual, but its true being around my friends, I can put my hair down and rock some jammin’ red lip stick. IMG_0819

The picture above is a caption of the girls I chose to be apart of my wedding party and they may not know why I picked them, but I had a reason for each of them, so here you go. On the left, Kristen, we became sisters when our parents married, but became best friends when our parents gave us money and the keys to my moms car to go shopping. She is the person who truly broke out of my shy shell. Kristen taught me to be bold and not care what people think, she also let me borrow her clothes which was pretty awesome. Our parents married and we stuck together, we are very different, but hey when the Black Eyed Peas, ” Where is the Love?” song comes on you bet we will sing it together. Next, Heather, she was the first friend that I had outside of school and was the first person that talked to me when I got hired at a new job. There was so many long days standing at the host stand talking about our boyfriends and life plans. I feel that we both shared a special spunk, we have so much that we want to do in our lives. We have such big plans and we support each other in everything we do and no matter have long we spend apart it’s so easy to catch up, she also helps me keep up with the current lingo so I stay hip. The girl in the long curly hair, McCoy, she was my first new friend when I went to High School. She made High School fun, crazy, and man if any one is more crafty than me, it’s this girl! She shares my old soul qualities like not being able to stay up late, can make some bomb food, and she showed me how good hot tea really is (Cheers I’m drinking some now). Mccoy was always there for me in the dark and bright times, the ups and downs and she was never afraid to tell me if my ideas seemed a little out there. Now she lives 2,724 miles away having the time of her life creating her new adventure. Now for the biggie, Nicole.

She is has my heart where ever she goes, and is the love of my life. Yes, I have my husband who is also the love of my life, but Nicole was my first love. We met in kindergarten and have been attached at the hip since. We are sisters, maybe not by blood, but close enough. We only went to elementary school together, but that didn’t matter to us we stayed close and so did our families. We took road trips together, road in a hot air balloon (a big thank you for Nicole’s smart mouth), and I can’t tell you how many photo shoots my mother put us through. She went through all my life obsticals with me and till stands by my side through anything. Surprisingly, we are actually very different people, but have the same awkwardly weird personality. We are so weird for each other it’s perfect. I love you Ro.

Ellies Wedding267

I also have this unbelievable special group of friends that I can’t get enough of. We all met at a previous job and became so close we all stuck together. Its always a treat when I get to spend the day with my ladies. Now, we all have really have busy lives and all live in different places, we only get together on special occasions. Each of them have a very special soul that just makes this world brighter everytime they smile. 

Cheers my friends for being the best humans the world has to offer. I love you all and feel so greatful to have more then just these friends in these photos as well. 
I hope everyone is surrounded with as much love as I have. 

Peace out Girl Scouts ✌🏻


Clearance Closeout Say What?!

img_4872Excuse me I am in shock! I went to the store to get a refill on this weeks coffee and only to find out that my local grocery store is discontinuing my favorite coffee (I have lots of favorites okay?!). I usually love when the store does the clearance close-outs because I can try new things without spending too much money incase I don’t like it. However, I do not approve of the store getting rid of this gem!

What makes this coffee so special you ask? I love this one because it has a good balanced flavor and I think it has the smallest hint of mocha. There is something different about this coffee and I can’t figure it out, it’s just too good.

Fun Fact: This coffee is “Hecho én México”

Recently, I tried a more popular brand of coffee called Don Fransisco and personally I think it was one of the worst coffees I bought all year. I do try some more popular brands because I want to know what the hype is about, but I don’t see the hype. A lot of people will say I buy whatever is cheep, but my response is “I DO TOO!”. Sometimes it is a lot of trial and error, but other times you can find the treasure next to the Folgers without overspending.

Now that I think about it, I bet the reason why they have stopped selling it is because no one can see it! They always have a little shelf that holds the powder creamers right in front of it! So no one can see it, so no one will buy it.

So now I have to go back and buy what is left on the shelf!

I hope your day is going better than mine! Shock people, I’m in shock!

Until my next caffeine outbreak,

Peace out Girl Scouts.

Rhubarb on a Monday morning.

I hope everyone had a glorious fathers day, had some time to relax and hopefully get a few loads of laundry in so you’re not stinky for your next week of work. And if your not going to work today then you are a lucky son of a gun!

img_3871I sit here on this Monday morning casually drinking my morning brew and eating rhubarb crunch that I made yesterday for a family gathering. Rhubarb Crunch is a family tradition and is one of the formal spring and summer sweet treat to make. Rhubarb grows wild where my family is from in northern Wisconsin. When it grows it looks like tall pink celery with giant leaves.

What, you want to know how to make it? Well here it is! It’s probably one of the easiest dishes to make and one of the most delicious! This is what you’ll need:

  • Enough rhubarb to have about 4 cups chopped
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • a couple of tablespoons of flour

For the crunch part you’ll need:

  • 2 sticks of butter
  • 1 cup of brown sugar
  • 1 1/2 cups flour
  • 1 cup old fashion oatmeal


Cut the rhubarb into small chunks. If a piece of stalk is thick then cut it long ways in half and then dice it.img_4801This is what you want it to look like. Then after, add the cup of sugar and the couple of tablespoons of flour and mix together.

Now time for the crunch:

In another bowl put all the crunch ingredients together and I use my hands to mix it all. Its chunky and weird, but that’s how it is supposed to be.

Use a 9×9 dish, I only have a 8×11 and it works well. Then you will grease the dish with butter or oil whatever you prefer. Then sprinkle a little crumble on the bottom of the dish. After, add the rhubarb and then top it off with the crunch. img_4807Now bake for about an hour at 375!

You want the rhubarb to get soft so when you think its ready, it probably isn’t. I might bubble and you want the crunch to be a golden brown.

img_4809img_4810Now you know how to make Rhubarb Crunch! This is my Grandma Jan Esch Recipe and it delightful!

Now this can be eaten by itself, with ice cream or how my dad eats it and he puts it in a bowl with some milk. Whatever you prefer.

Well, I think I have had enough sugar and coffee to get me through my Monday morning.

Lets kick this Mondays ASS!

Peace out Girl Scouts.

Monday Morning Coffee. 

Monday’s are like my Friday’s since I get Tuesday’s off. It may be my Friday, but I still get the Monday blues and man they get me good. BUT NOT TODAY! Why you ask? Because my mom sent me a box of love last week and put one of my favorite brands of coffee inside! These coffees are made in Wisconsin and they sell them at my favorite place to get cheese curds. Normally I’m not one to like fancy coffee, but this stuff hits the spot! I “can’t even” when they sell the pumpkin spice one during the holiday season because it is just too good. Yesterday morning I had the “Vanilla Creme Brûlée” and it paired so well with my vanilla almond milk creamer I thought I was on my way to heaven. This morning I made the “Sinful Delight” because it just felt right to be sinful on a Monday morning (it feels good to be bad 😈). This was more of a mocha coffee, but not too overpowering and I could drink it without creamer because it’s already sweet enough. Awhile back I remeber having one called “Dublin Delight” and that was another really good flavor. Truly all of their coffee is good and if you want to check them out here’s their link! 


I promise you won’t be disappointed. Well I should clock in at work now. 

I hope you all survive what your Monday has instore you you. 

Peace out Girl Scouts ✌🏻

My Best Day Ever. 

Ellies Wedding277I always catch myself reminiscing my wedding day. I remember every moment, every detail and I always will because everything was just so special to me. My husband and I got married on our fifth anniversary on September 4th, 2016 in Sedona, Arizona. We are high school sweet hearts, complete opposites and goof balls for each other. I can truly say I married my best friend.

I remember waking up and thinking to myself “today is the day!” It was the greatest of all days that’s for dang sure. I went and got my hair done that my mother in law had to redo because my hair doesn’t hold a curl, I got to wear my hippie dress that made me feel so beautiful and to top it off I had the most delicate succulent flower crown that all tied everything together so perfectly. Ellies Wedding331
I remember all of us walking down to were the ceremony was held and my girls holding up my dress so it didn’t get covered in the Sedona red dirt. We made it to the bridge and that’s when we stopped and met up with the boy’s side of the wedding party. This is when my jitters started. I was so nervous, but I was so happy. I remember my dad telling me how beautiful I looked and that I was going to do great, there was nothing to worry about. IMG_2258

It was time. Time to walk across the bridge, see everyone that showered us with their love and to see my future husband. When we started walking the tears just kept coming. Happy tears, and when we made it to the end of the bridge I see it. Everyone, everything set up so perfectly. All the work that my family and I put together looked exactly how I imagined it to be. And there he was just smiling his best smile looking at me. He looked so handsome and so happy I knew we shared the same feelings. Ellies Wedding136

My uncle was the officiant for our ceremony and he did an outstanding job, I was just so happy that someone we were close with marry us because that just made it even more special. I remember when my husband and I joined hands my jitters finally started to settle. The ceremony was moving so swiftly by the time I knew, it was time to say our vows. I felt the knot just growing in my throat because I hate speaking in front of people. My husband said his vows first then I said mine, and I only choked once so that’s good! Then the moment was finally here and we sealed the deal with our kiss. Ellies Wedding191.jpg

The rest of the day just flew by with pictures, good food and spending time with all the people I love the most. I wish all the time that I could have a do over so I can do it all over again because all the planning and decoration making was totally worth it. Plus, I can go for anther bite of my key lime and cream cheese frosting wedding cake that my mother in law made. Man it was delish. My advice from a newlywed to any future newlywed is to truly cherish every moment of the day, don’t stress out, and always smile because the photographer is always taking pictures and mostly of you.Ellies Wedding345

I had a friend ask me a couple of weeks ago ask me “so what’s it like being married? Is it awesome?”, Well it went something like that and my response was “it’s the same nothing really changed for us” but then after I said I guess that’s not what I meant at all. I love being married. I love my life. What I wish I said was “Well I married my best friend. Everyday is a good day. We have so much fun together, messing around, me getting tackled to the ground (yes I said tackle), saying weird things, dancing around our apartment, everyday is a good day, we love each other.” Too cheesy? Well I’m a cheesy person.

Well there, now all you know how much I love my husband and what our wedding day meant to me.

Peace out Girl Scouts