My Morning Grind. 

Alright I have a secret to share. I LOVE COFFEE. There now you know. There is something about waking up, getting the pot started and smelling the aroma of roasted beans that just makes my day. Seriously, I love a good cup of joe in the morning, seriously. Seriously. Seriously! (Greys Anatomy anyone?) I personally never really go out for coffee because I’m okay with just having a couple cups of normal coffee. When you start adding whip cream, blending ice and drenching the cup in caramel you’re not getting a coffee buzz that’s a sugar high, so get your facts straight. However, I do love Starbucks Gingerbread Lattes in the winter because it taste like Christmas and who doesn’t want Christmas in their belly!? I myself just find whatever looks appealing at the grocery store and call it good. This picture is one of my favorites to get because it has a good coffee flavor without tasting too bland. Hey it’s also a good price! I never spend to much money on coffee because it would really suck buying a bag and it tasting like burnt beans, also I’m a broke college student and ball on a budget ✌🏻as the kids would say. Anyway that’s my coffee rant for this morning and if you see this on the tin full of delisousness on the shelf pick it up and try it out I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Peace out Girl Scouts ✌🏻

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