June 5th. Ferris had a day off. 

Ferris Bueller. An all time classic movie that has a forever place in my heart. Today was the day that he pretended to be sick, played hookie and had the best day of his life. I tell myself that one day I’m going to play hookie from work and have my own Ferris Bueller day off and do all the coolest things there is to do in town.

Out of all the 80’s movies I think this one is my favorite next to The Breakfast Club. I would say it’s a good tie, but I love this one because he did something I could never do. I’m the worst liar and I’m not smart enough to come up with a good enough plan to out smart a principal and my parents.

I think I also love this movie because it took place in a completely different time and environment then me. I’m here living in the middle of a desert and he’s living in the suburbs of the great suburbs of Chicago where the possibilities are endless.

Hey how cool would it be to have Jennifer Grey (or Baby from Dirty Dancing) as your sister!? I really love when she finally gets her panties out of a wad and helps out her brother. And it’s all because she met her bad boy Charlie Sheen. Hey can’t blame her I have my own bad boy 😏

Of course I know that the whole movie is pretty impossible I mean how does Ferris convince the principal to let his girlfriend out of school, drive all the way into town, get lunch, stop at the art gallery, go to the top of the tallest building, go to a baseball game, get put in a parade, and all the other short stops along the way in one school day? It’s impossible. And that’s why I like the movie.

I know your all going to ask, what’s my favorite scene? Well, it’s defiantly the parade. I’m a sucker for the big scenes where everyone comes together for the big hoopla and celebrates.

Just like Ferris says, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look at it every once and awhile, you may miss it.” Everyone deserves their Ferris Buellers day off whatever it may be. Be spontaneous and never double think anything because it may be something great!

I think my rant is over and hope that you all take a look around, you may not know what you’re missing.

Peace out Girl Scouts ✌🏻

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