My Best Day Ever. 

Ellies Wedding277I always catch myself reminiscing my wedding day. I remember every moment, every detail and I always will because everything was just so special to me. My husband and I got married on our fifth anniversary on September 4th, 2016 in Sedona, Arizona. We are high school sweet hearts, complete opposites and goof balls for each other. I can truly say I married my best friend.

I remember waking up and thinking to myself “today is the day!” It was the greatest of all days that’s for dang sure. I went and got my hair done that my mother in law had to redo because my hair doesn’t hold a curl, I got to wear my hippie dress that made me feel so beautiful and to top it off I had the most delicate succulent flower crown that all tied everything together so perfectly. Ellies Wedding331
I remember all of us walking down to were the ceremony was held and my girls holding up my dress so it didn’t get covered in the Sedona red dirt. We made it to the bridge and that’s when we stopped and met up with the boy’s side of the wedding party. This is when my jitters started. I was so nervous, but I was so happy. I remember my dad telling me how beautiful I looked and that I was going to do great, there was nothing to worry about. IMG_2258

It was time. Time to walk across the bridge, see everyone that showered us with their love and to see my future husband. When we started walking the tears just kept coming. Happy tears, and when we made it to the end of the bridge I see it. Everyone, everything set up so perfectly. All the work that my family and I put together looked exactly how I imagined it to be. And there he was just smiling his best smile looking at me. He looked so handsome and so happy I knew we shared the same feelings. Ellies Wedding136

My uncle was the officiant for our ceremony and he did an outstanding job, I was just so happy that someone we were close with marry us because that just made it even more special. I remember when my husband and I joined hands my jitters finally started to settle. The ceremony was moving so swiftly by the time I knew, it was time to say our vows. I felt the knot just growing in my throat because I hate speaking in front of people. My husband said his vows first then I said mine, and I only choked once so that’s good! Then the moment was finally here and we sealed the deal with our kiss. Ellies Wedding191.jpg

The rest of the day just flew by with pictures, good food and spending time with all the people I love the most. I wish all the time that I could have a do over so I can do it all over again because all the planning and decoration making was totally worth it. Plus, I can go for anther bite of my key lime and cream cheese frosting wedding cake that my mother in law made. Man it was delish. My advice from a newlywed to any future newlywed is to truly cherish every moment of the day, don’t stress out, and always smile because the photographer is always taking pictures and mostly of you.Ellies Wedding345

I had a friend ask me a couple of weeks ago ask me “so what’s it like being married? Is it awesome?”, Well it went something like that and my response was “it’s the same nothing really changed for us” but then after I said I guess that’s not what I meant at all. I love being married. I love my life. What I wish I said was “Well I married my best friend. Everyday is a good day. We have so much fun together, messing around, me getting tackled to the ground (yes I said tackle), saying weird things, dancing around our apartment, everyday is a good day, we love each other.” Too cheesy? Well I’m a cheesy person.

Well there, now all you know how much I love my husband and what our wedding day meant to me.

Peace out Girl Scouts

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