Monday Morning Coffee. 

Monday’s are like my Friday’s since I get Tuesday’s off. It may be my Friday, but I still get the Monday blues and man they get me good. BUT NOT TODAY! Why you ask? Because my mom sent me a box of love last week and put one of my favorite brands of coffee inside! These coffees are made in Wisconsin and they sell them at my favorite place to get cheese curds. Normally I’m not one to like fancy coffee, but this stuff hits the spot! I “can’t even” when they sell the pumpkin spice one during the holiday season because it is just too good. Yesterday morning I had the “Vanilla Creme Brûlée” and it paired so well with my vanilla almond milk creamer I thought I was on my way to heaven. This morning I made the “Sinful Delight” because it just felt right to be sinful on a Monday morning (it feels good to be bad 😈). This was more of a mocha coffee, but not too overpowering and I could drink it without creamer because it’s already sweet enough. Awhile back I remeber having one called “Dublin Delight” and that was another really good flavor. Truly all of their coffee is good and if you want to check them out here’s their link!

I promise you won’t be disappointed. Well I should clock in at work now. 

I hope you all survive what your Monday has instore you you. 

Peace out Girl Scouts ✌🏻

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