Date night, With a Side of Happy Hour!

This week my husband and I were lucky enough to get a day off together so we decided to treat ourselves and try something new! My husband works by this restaurant called Kona Grill and we have been dying to try so we got all dolled up and headed out the door! We got there pretty early around 4 o’clock and it’s Tuesday so of course we had the entire restaurant to ourselves. Our server was totally awesome. He came up, greeted us and I asked if they offer a happy hour. He’s said that it is only available in the bar, but then he looked around and said “I’ll give it to you guys since no one is here”. Score! Personally, I don’t understand the whole happy hour in the bar only thing, but I don’t make the rules. He brought over a list of all the delicious drinks and food that they offer. Let me tell you, they have a great selection of food to choose from compared to most places for happy hour.

The libation I chose tonight was a Sake Sangria.  And if this picture doesn’t say it all I don’t know what will! It was so refreshing, light and I love the blackberry touch.

We got a variety of food so we could try a little bit of everything and let me say holy cow what great flavor all these dishes have.

We started off getting one of our favorites, Calamari, and it came with this hot sauce to dip in which was to die for. We also got two rolls, I cannot for the life of me which one the green one was called, I think the Wave Roll, and it was more of a basic sushi order. The other one was the best roll I have had in a long time, it’s called the VooDoo Roll. You’ll never guess what it had inside, CRAWFISH. Yep, it was outstanding. This is a roll you can’t anywhere else and it was topped with this sweet and spicy habanero sauce that will blow you away. My husband ordered this Jalapeño Yellowfin Sashimi and I trusted him that it tasted great. I personally do not get into sashimi because I don’t like the texture of raw fish by itself. He told me he liked the cut of the fish and how it paired nicely with the cilantro and the jalapeno on top.

We wanted to try more of their creations so we ordered another round of happy hour treats. First, was a Margarita flatbread. I love how putting balsamic glaze on pizza is now a thing and paired with the basil was so delish. Next time, I will ask for extra basil because I think it brings a fresh taste to the flatbread. Next, we got the Spicy Shrimp Tempura appetizer.  What I loved about this dish is the shrimp wasn’t overly breaded and it was tossed in this great spicy sauce. Last, but not least we got the Checkerboard roll, and what really stuck out to me is that there was asparagus inside the roll that gave it a great taste. The presentation was awesome.

Well there you have it! Now I know everyone is going to try it out! We already planned out what we want to get the next time we go.

We went to the City North location on the corner of 53rd St and High St. ….. Heres the link so you can find the closest location to you!

I hope you day is as great as ours!

Peace out Girl Scouts.


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