My Monday Blues.

I sit here listening to the thunder rolling right around my apartment with the storm going completely around my me, as a typical Arizona storm would do. Today, was not a good Monday. I woke up with a terrible migraine that came out of no where, so brewed my favorite coffee to perk me back up. img_5573Because who doesn’t want some “Heavenly Caramel” on a Monday morning. Drinking coffee in the morning defiantly makes me feel better especially when I have “Friends” on the telly! As I was sitting on the couch I notice I had to leave for work in 15 minutes. UGH! I changed 4 different times before I left the house and I didn’t leave looking even remotely decent. It’s a good thing that I get to wear whatever I like as long as my butt isn’t hanging out and my armpits aren’t showing. So I went to work as if I was going to the gym because it was the only thing that was semi comfortable. Then, I got to work and my headache was still dwindling in the background. Work wasn’t too awful, besides the fact it was so slow and I didn’t make money, but not much is to be expected on a Monday morning.

Since I was already dressed for the gym I drove straight there after work. Now, the exit at my work is a roundabout to get on the freeway, and it still flabbergastes me that people don’t know how to drive around them! There was a van and myself waiting to enter onto the roundabout, he was on the left and I was on the right so he was on the inside. The road was clear so we both went at the same time and this guy must have thought that there was an imaginary line because he was driving in my lane and his! HE ALMOST RAN ME OFF THE ROAD AND INTO  THE FREEWAY DITCH! LET ME JUST ADD I JUST MADE MY FIRST CAR PAYMENT AND THIS GUY ALMOST KILLED ME AND MY NEW CAR. My adrenaline was pumping so hard I was seeing spots. Also I saw my life flash before my eyes so that’s probably why my heart was racing so.

The gym was good. Worked a lot on my back and chest. There was one guy though that was driving me a little crazy because throughout his entire workout he was making these LOUD breathing noises through his teeth. Normally, I’m not bother by people when they are lifting heavy and pushing out the carbon dioxide between reps, but if I can hear your whistle breathing (what I would like to call it) with my headphones in and can point out what machine your on throughout the entire gym you are going to give yourself a hernia. I don’t intend to be mean, but I was losing my focus.

A couple of times a week I go in the sauna after the gym so I can relax my muscles and I was thinking I should relax by the pool when I got back home. My husband and I never really go in out apartment pool because there are always so many kids in the pool see we see it more as a hole in the ground filled with pee, but I needed some good vitamin D amd some fresh air. Yes, I live in Phoenix, AZ the most sunny state in the Untied States, and I am the whitest person who lives here. AND I’M OK WITH IT. Just means that my skin will be beautiful when I’m older and I have a less chance of getting skin cancer! GO ME! img_5559My day stated getting better as I saw the clouds rolling in the distance so I decided to head back inside, but not without making a stop at my mail hut. Let me say, My day got brighter when I saw what I had in my mailbox! img_5560 This is just to tease you about whats inside the box! Stay tuned tomorrow morning for what I got inside!

Now I am home and thinking to myself that today wasn’t really a bad day. I just found things that bothered me and dwelled on it. I remember I would tell my friend when we were in high school the rain washes away all the bad and the new day will bring the good and sunshine. So here I am telling myself my own words of wisdom. img_5576img_5578

My Monday Blues have come and gone with the storm and tomorrow will be a great new day and a day off work at that!

Some regulars came into the restaurant today and asked me hows school going and I politely reminded them I still have 3 weeks! I don’t want to think about not having a life yet! I’ll worry about that next week.

Until tomorrow morning Girl Scouts!




Have you ever been to the beautiful state of Wisconsin? All my family on my mother’s side and some from my father’s side live there and it’s always a treat when I get a plane ticket to go! I love Wisconsin because it is so different from Arizona, it is a quite a culture shock when you go because the people are 10 times nicer, the atmosphere is 10 times better and you truly get all the aspects of nature like seeing the animals running in the woods, everything is so green and there are fresh bodies of water everywhere. My mom moved back almost a year ago to the town of Marinette and she always keeps me updated on whats going on with the town, and when I heard there is going to be a mine built on the Menominee River, my heart hurt. Menominee river

This river is actually my grandmothers backyard and flows all the way down to my mom’s house. A street away from my moms house to be exact.  A mining company wants to put a sulfide mine right in this spot (picture below) to drill out silver, copper, and other minerals while contaminating the river with its waste-products.


Photo taken by Danika Laine

menomineecountymenOpposers may think, how much harm can it really do? However, there is always a start and end and some parts are very wide that also have a strong current. So the waste of the mine WILL travel and WILL effect all the wild life the river has to offer. Not only will the mine effect the fish in the water, but will affect the animals that use the water for hydration and to bathe in. img_5525img_5526menominee-river-fall-2012-Beautiful pictures right? Now think of a mine right in the middle of the tree line and just imagine all of the contaminated fumes coming out of the buildings and polluting the air of the surrounding areas. No one should breathe in chemical tainted air and neither should the animals that live in the area.The river is 116 miles long and effects both Wisconsin and Michigan, also the river runs right into the Green Bay, which will be especially harmful to the people who live there.

I know what you are thinking why is a girl from Phoenix, Arizona worried about a river 2,100 miles away? This affects the town my family lives in and my favorite place to be. Everyone far and near needs to stand up together and put an end to contamination. Save the wildlife and save the beauty of the area. There are only so many sacred places left in the world, and they need to stay that way.

Here are some links for you to learn more about whats going on:

Stand up Girl Scouts!

❤ E. Little

Fun Fact: I wore my Back 40 Mine Shirt today and someone here in Phoenix recognized knew the river, so I spread the word of whats going on. Save the River! img_5500

My first yoga experience. 

For a long time I have been wanting to try yoga and when we got the gym membership the first thing, well actually it was the second thing (the first thing was how much it cost) but if they offered yoga classes and they do! Finally, I got the class schedule and decided to go last night!

It was a late night class which made me feel more at ease because I thought it wouldn’t be as full, but I was wrong. Almost all the space was taken up and for a good reason.

I walked into class and rolled out the new mat I just bought earlier that day, looked around at everyone, pretended I knew what I was doing and was casually starting to stretch. Then, the instructor began to tell everyone to lay down and the class just causally began. 10 minutes into the class I found myself almost mesmerized by the teachers words listening to her and focusing on my breathing.

You never would guess what happened right in the middle of class. Yep you guessed it, someone was really listening to her and really exhaled all of the energy not only through their mouth, but through their butt as well. Oh man did it stink! And this was of course, when it started getting intense so everyone was breathing heavy, and breathing in the stink! Then it’s passed and I got back into my concentration.

Off and on my muscles were getting shaken up because I was using and stretching muscles I’ve never knew I had. I loved the feeling. I loved being in a soothing trance through the instructors voice and have never felt so relaxed. I loved how smooth all the movements went together, changing positions.

When the class was coming to the end we did some simple stretching, sat cris cross and ended with releasing our anger, bad thoughts, and focused on our hearts beating in our chest. Then we ended with a group, namaste.

I will defiantly be taking another class just because of the way I felt afterward. I felt relaxed, I felt all my muscle throughout my body, I felt my mind focused and I felt good about myself.

I can’t wait for my next experience because I know it will be that much better.

Namaste Girl Scouts.

❤️ E. Little

Bruschetta Chicken, Yams, Brussels Sprouts, Oh My!

Now do I have a dinner for you that’s filling, tasty, and good for you!

Bruschetta Chicken with Yams and Brussel Sprouts! You’ll need:

  1. Chicken (Thin sliced is what I prefer)
  2. Fresh Garlic
  3. Basil
  4. Yams
  5. Brussels Sprouts
  6. Salt + Pepper
  7. Tomatoes (I like the cherry tomatoes)
  8. Red Onion
  9. Feta
  10. EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)
  11. Balsamic Reduction
  12. Whatever herbs you have in your spice cabinet


This is probably one of the most easy dinners I have ever made!

While cooking this I wanted to drink some wine, but I am going to a late night yoga class, so I am drinking water to hydrate before. This is no excuse for you though! I know you had a long day, so open a bottle of white wine and take a swig!

Okay now let’s get down to business, I first diced the brussels sprouts into quarters and sliced the yams thin enough for them to cook faster in the oven. I used a good couple handfuls of brussel sprouts and two yams. Measure what how much you cook by how many people you are cooking for, I am only cooking for my husband and I so we didn’t need that much. img_5477

I always put foil down when I bake anything for an easier clean up. Then I drizzle a little EVOO on the foil and lay down the veggies. Then, I put S+P, garlic and the herbs that I have up in my spice cabinet and kinda mix around the veggies. Last, top the veggies with a little EVOO.

**Hey take a drink of that delicious wine you are drinking!**


Next, I make the bruschetta mixture. I just cut in half the cherry tomatoes, chop finely the garlic, basil and red onion. I used about half a container of tomatoes and a quarter of a small red onion (my husband said it needed more onion, so use what you like) I also used about a whole small container of basil. Then just gave a dash of S+P and give a good mix!

When the veggies are almost done then start cooking the chicken! And take another drink because you almost completed making dinner! I just cooked the chicken with garlic and some pepper because you’ll get enough flavor with the bruschetta.

Then when everything is done PLATE IT! img_5478img_5479

Once you top the bruschetta mixture,  drizzle the balsamic glaze on top! My husband told me what would really make this extra good is if we had some feta to sprinkle on top of the chicken, so I added it to the recipe for the next time I make this!

High five you did it! I hope you enjoy this dinner as much as we did! and I hope your wine is super tasty!

Peace out Girl Scouts,

E. Little


My “Little” home. 

Growing up my parents were divorced, but that’s not my story I’m here to talk about. My point is that I always had two homes and two rooms, and they were both completely different. They were both home, but when I moved out with my Husband a couple of years ago I have always wanted to create my own home. A comfortable, loving, warm and filled with everything that makes my heart full. Trust me it took so many hours on Pinterest, HGTV and a little bit of my own imagination to create my “Little” home. 

For a awhile, I really got into chalk board signs and once I started getting into it, not to toot my own horn, but I made great signs! (The first picture was my first chalkboard and the last one I have hanging on my Disney wall) (ps I have a little Disney wall, a couple of picture I got from Disneyland!) I’m pretty crafty when I have the time and the extra couple of bucks to go to hobby lobby for supplies. 

Now let me tell you I defiantly ball on a budget, all the frames on the wall besides the white wedding frame, all came from a garage sale that my mom went to. I actually tore out the pictures that were glued in the frame and threw away all the glass. The two red frames I got from a home decor store I use to work for. They gave them to me because there was a couple of defects. They were actually a light blue/grey color and then I painted them red! I also glued the burlap to the back of the frame so I could hang more pictures on them. I have always had a thing for bookshelves with a lot of books on them. Personally, I love to read when I have the extra time, and I always buy my books used because I like to support the smaller local bookstores. But I always felt that a bookshelf gives a home knowledge if that makes sense? Bookshelves filled with books show the many different adventures their owners go on and how their imaginations have expanded with their travels. This is when I first started my collection of books and I defiantly have added to my collection since. On the bottom shelf I also have my small collection of board games because what’s a home without a deck of cards?  

This is my cute little living room that has quite literary taken me so much trial and error and it still looks plain, but I decided that with living in an apartment you can overdo it with bulky furniture and too much wall decor. I have also had three couches in the past two years and I have finally found the one that suits our living style. After three years of the sun blazing through our sliding glass door I have finally found the most awesome black out curtains and for a good price! My husband told me I had to tone down how many thing I put on the wall behind the couch so this is what I came up, artwork I bought from my work and a pin board that I can hang pictures on (I have a thing for hanging or framing all my favorite memories, I told you my home is filled with my heart). I’m still on the hunt for the perfect rug to complete my room! I want a giant oversized rug to cover up the ugly apartment carpet I have. I also have a thing for blankets and I have a basket full of them under my end table that you can’t see in the picture. I’m really into afghan’s that have a lot of color!

This is one, I have that my sleepy feline is all cozy on! I really want a beautiful sunflower afghan, because sunflowers are my favorite.

Well this is all for now! Next time I’ll show you more of my decor that I have made that and hold close to my heart. I also want everyone to know it’s not the material items that make my home a home, it’s the people I share it with and the memories that I make everyday living here. Especially sharing it with the love of my life. 

Peace out Girl Scouts.

❤️ E. Little

T-shirt and Jeans kind of Girl.

Are you a t-shirt and jeans kind of person like myself? Especially the really cool graphic t-shirts with your favorite TV show and possibly video game mashup? Well do I have something cool to show you, I recently became an affiliate for the company called Ript Apparel, and they support many different artist by putting their designs on shirts. What I think is really cool is that they release 3 shirts at a time for 24 hours at a discounted price of $13, after the 24 hours the price goes up to $18. When the next 24 hours is up they are gone forever! Cool huh! img_5297Now if you are a nerd like myself I’m sure you will find something that you will like! I ordered this shirt when the last Avenger movie came out!

Check out the site, sign up for the emails so you get an update on the new shirts for the day! And when you find something you like use my code STAYGOLDEN10 and get 10% off your order!!

They also have exclusive designs available all the time that may interest you more!

Hey if your an artist, you can even submit your design to the website!

For my coffee addicts this is what they have right now for only $13! and if you use my code you get it for an even better price! STAYGOLDEN10 img_5450

I personally love supporting small business and I have a feeling most of my readers feel the same way.

Until next time.

Peace out Girl Scouts!

And remember STAYGOLDEN10




Progress = Success

So most of you know that my husband and I recently got a gym membership and yesterday was the start of week 3 for us.

Today, was a big step for me because I went up in weight in almost everything I do! When I started I was only doing the minimal for most of the machines, but not anymore! It is such a good feeling to finally feel the progress starting and my muscles building. I can honestly say I have never felt this confident in what I’m doing.

I have always been pretty athletic as I was a swimmer and did track and field in high school. I was not the best at either of these sports, but it was nice being apart of something in high school and being active is always important. Since I left high school four years (wow I’m old) ago I haven’t really kept up with maintaining a healthy active lifestyle. I may “look skinny” to most people, but under the clothes I have a beer gut and a flat butt and it has always made me feel self cautious about my body. Just because I look thin doesn’t mean I’m healthy. Yeah I eat generally healthy and take a hike here and there, but I know I can do more with my body and feel good about myself.

When we got the membership to the gym I was very skeptical because I didn’t want to add an extra bill on top of all the other ones we have, but now I am so happy we did it. The first couple days were so intimidating for me because I knew how weak I was and its hard looking at everyone else around me and I immediately start comparing myself to all the other people who are in such great shape and can lift so much weight. I think that is why I never kept with working out before because I would always talk down about myself, like I couldn’t be strong. Now that’s not the case.

I know I can keep building (not that I want to be a bulky woman), I know that I can truly eat heathy if I set my mind to it, I know that I will go to the gym 5-6 days of the week, I know my husband is always there pushing me to be the best I can be and I know that my self-confidence will only grow stronger, mentally as I do physically. img_5413This a typical “gym selfie” (I only did it for this post) (ps this is after workout so I’m gross and my hair is sticking to my head)

I hope that this post inspired anyone that they can be strong enough to better themselves if they put their mind to it. Like I said, this is my third week going to the gym and I am just now seeing a slight progression. The key is starting and keeping the mind-set that you can achieve anything you want to with the right kind of self-discipline.

Hey guys don’t forget its tequilla tuesday so take a shot you made it through day 2 of your work week!

A side note I am also on week three of wearing no makeup and my skin feels so great!

Alright Girl Scouts, Peace out.