Have you met my Press?

Good Day!! Good Day!!

Hey its Monday, and it’s okay!! Why is it okay? Because the world gave us coffee! Recently I walked through the coffee isle at the grocery store and found that this was new to the shelf so I picked it up. I noticed that it was an espresso blend, so my light bulb lit up and thought this would be a great time to use my french press. img_5053

A short not so funny story on how I obtained my press. There was a very unfortunate day that I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and zombie walked over to my coffee maker. I went through all the steps, putting the filer in, filling the filter with the coffee grounds, adding the water, and pressed the ON button. Then, I went to go take a shower, came out of the bathroom and I thought something was off because there was no aroma of the coffee being brewed. I went to check on the coffee maker, the pot was empty and the water wasn’t getting warm. So I did what everyone would do, unplugged it from the outlet and plugged it back in then pressed the start button. Nothing. I was almost in tears because I couldn’t fix it and I couldn’t think becasue I didn’t have any coffee! I didn’t feel like spending money on a new coffee maker so I went to World Market and got myself a french press (I had a coupon so I think I got it for $5). I loved using the press, it was a new view on how to make coffee. The down side is that I had to deep clean it after every use and hand washing dishes isn’t my favorite thing to do so after a couple of weeks I ended up getting another coffee maker. img_5052

This morning I got my press back out and made my own brew. I mixed the espresso blend with my regular coffee to test it out and it was delish! It had a bold but balanced flavor, super smooth, not to over powering and it gave me enough energy to clean my apartment! Woohoo!

So give this càfe a try. I’m sure you’ll like it!

Until next Mondays meltdown,

Peace out Girl Scouts.

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