Midnight Baking 101: Brown Bananas


Alright my late night animals.

Ready to learn about some late night baking?

First, pop open that bottle of wine and take a nice big sip. It’s required. What am I drinking you ask? Well my mom sent a care package down with my step dad a couple of weeks ago and inside had three bottles of delicious Wisconsin made wine! img_5093This particular wine is what I first started drinking because it is pretty sweet, but man it has such a good fruity flavor. Defiantly a wine perfect for summer! I would recommend their red wines as well (I just started to drink red wines myself). I love the blackberry wine they sell, a warning though, you will drink a whole bottle in one siting because it’s just that darn good! Next time I go visit my mom in Wisconsin I would love to do a wine tasting here! Check out there website or Facebook page!


Alright are you ready to bake?!

This recipe is my Mom’s banana bread recipe that she gave to me.img_5090

So I have tried other banana bread recipes, but personally I love my moms recipe. Yes, who doesn’t love their own mother’s food, but I had a lot of trial and error when making banana bread and after so many attempts I finally figured out what makes her recipe so flippin’ good! BROWN SUGAR. Yes, sounds weird, but it gives the bread such a different texture and flavor and that’s what makes them so good! All the other recipes I’ve tried called for granulated sugar and I found that it made the bread get hard faster and it didn’t care for the flavor. KEY= BROWN SUGAR

Hey take a sip of that glass if wine, or even a sip from the bottle, I’m not here to judge.

Alright, you know what you need so these are the steps I take when I make Berta’s banana bread (my mom’s name is Roberta, but if you know her then you call her Berta. Yes, I call my mom, Berta, sometimes, but she calls me by all my names when I’m in trouble so its only fair!) img_5095

Mush together the butter and the banana, I use a fork so it stays a little chunky. Next, add the BROWN SUGAR. Mix together well.


Next, add the eggs, salt and baking powder. I want to tell you, but I feel like I can’t because I add my own secret ingredients to this amazing recipe. I want you to add whatever you think would make recipe stand out to you, what you may like to add to your own sweet treats.

Hey don’t forget about that wine, take a sip! Feeling a buzz? Well that’s the point, baking is supposed to be fun not something anyone should dread. Relax, trust your gut and everything will turn out great.

Find that secret ingredient you want to add? Good, now add the flour and blend away!

Personally, I love making my banana bread in the cupcake pan so then I can run out the door with one without having to cut a slice, and it also takes less time to bake. That’s how my mom made them for me so I could grab one on my way out to my morning classes.


Where are the nuts?!?! Well if you know me, you know I hate nuts in my sweet treats and in bread. So whats the next best replacement? Chocolate chips! Pff who doesn’t like chocolate? Please don’t answer that, I might have a heart attack if I know.

Now, bake at 350 degrees for about 17 minutes if you have my weird working oven. I live in an apartment so I don’t have the best appliances so half way through the time I always turn the pan around so they bake all the way through and one side doesn’t get to crispy on top. img_5101

Voilà! Once they brown on top a use a toothpick to stick in a muffin to make sure it’s not still doughy. Then burn your mouth and try them out! They are so good and you won’t be disappointed! Also, you can thank my mother for her yummy recipe!

Now take another swig, you deserve it.

I hope you enjoyed this late night baking lesson! There is definatly more to come.

I love you Mom.

Good night Girl Scouts.

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