Starting my own trend.

I would like to start off by telling everyone that is reading this right now that you are all beautiful just the way you are. I feel that lately, makeup has truly overpowered so many girls lives. Personally, I like putting on makeup for special occasions and when I go to work here and there, but let me show you what I mean by makeup. img_5265

Yes this is it. Wait I lied, I do have the Naked pallets, however I wear eyeshadow maybe once a year. But this is it and I use so little because makeup is supposed to enhance the beautiful features of your face not make you look like a different person. My mascara is also a brown so its more natural looking. I have naturally a red skin and so I think that is why I like to wear makeup so then my skin looks “perfect”, but then I think it’s not really perfect because it’s not really what my skin looks like. I have struggled with acne for so many years of my life and I know makeup never helped. I have a lot of friends that like to put more “coverup” on big pimples they have, but it only makes it worst and more likely to scar when it gets more irritated.

Between the shiny highlighter powder and the long fake eyelashes, it is just too much and I would love for all you lovely women to take the stand with me and give up makeup for the next 30 days. Yes 30 DAYS. I am already on day 7 and I feel so confident in my skin. The first couple days are the hardest because my skin was so splotchy red and really oily because my skin was finally detoxing itself from all the crap that they put in makeup. Now, I notice a huge difference in my face. Its brighter, smoother and not to mention I can wipe my eyes whenever I want. img_5221

No filter. No makeup. Just me. My hair is also naturally this golden, I don’t believe in coloring my hair, but thats a story for antoher time.

So try it out, get out of your comfort zone and feel positive about yourself without covering up who you really are.

Love yourself Girl Scouts.


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