A Wholesome Day.

This morning started with a groan when my husband woke me up earlier then I wanted so we can go to the gym. And as I am sitting here right now, typing this, I am so thankful he did! We both got in a great workout and as we were leaving he mentioned this new place we should try called Protein House. It was a little drive from our gym, but it was totally worth it! This place offers anywhere from great tasting beverages to any kind of meal you want! For my first visit I ordered the Cajun BBQ Bowl.img_5300

Let me tell you what, this bowl hit the spot! Perfectly cooked brocoli, peppers, onions with grilled chicken, brown rice and topped this awesome Cajun sauce on top! This meal was excellent after my workout and rebooted my energy for the day! My husband got the PH Bison wrap.


My husband loved it because this filled him up perfectly and it paired nicely with the fresh fruit. I think his favorite part was the hard-boiled egg that is in the wrap, mixed with all the fresh veggies he was definitely satisfied.

I already know what I want to try the next time we go and I can’t wait! It’s nice leaving a restaurant after eating and not feeling guilty after, instead we were ready to continue our day now that our bodies are filled with clean eating food. We thank you!

Another big thing is the manager walked over to the couple of tables to ask how their experience was, to us that is a huge deal because it shows how much they care about the people coming into their establishment. Thank you, again!

Here’s the website to find one in your area! I promise you want to go!


Until next time.

Peace out Girl Scouts.



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