Tequila Tuesday.

Hola Amigos!

This is the greeting that my husband and I get every time we go to one of our local Mexican food restaurants, Plaza Bonita. This place is super close to where we live and has some of the best house margaritas around! When you walk in you get greeted by the staff with “Hola Amigos” every time and they always have a smile on their face. Then when they come to see what you want to drink they bring their house salsa and some chips to munch on.img_5275Yesterday, we sat at the bar, because since we had it all to ourselves. Since we had yesterday off we decided to celebrate our lives with a toast and some tequila! Bottoms up! For a drink we both ordered their house margaritas because they make a really good one and it comes in this big glass! img_5277img_5276Now there are 2 really good reasons why coming to this place when you are hungry is awesome!

1.  The food comes out very fast, even when they are busy.

2. There will defiantly be enough food for lunch tomorrow!img_5286

I got the Chicken Fajitas and my husband got the Tacos Carbon de Pollo. They also offer the tacos in Carne Asda which we have had before and the Pollo is just as good! These tacos never disappoint on taco Tuesday!  So this is the first time we ever ordered the fajitas and holy cow they were so good!! Talk about some of the most flavorful chicken and veggies cooked in this sweet, tangy sauce, but be careful because it is served on a sizzling hot skillet!

We love coming here because it’s just a get-a-way down the street especially when we are in the mood for something extra yummy. Wait, Yummy, oh I almost forgot we totally killed out whole cutting sugar out of out diet when we ordered this..img_5287FACNY CHURROS! I couldn’t resist because I have had a sweet tooth all week! and it was totally worth it.

Well there you have it! Try Plaza Bonita! They have multiple locations, here’s the website to find one close to you.


Don’t forget to get a house margarita! Cheers!

Peace out Girl Scouts.

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