Mail from Mom. 

Who doesn’t love when their mom send them a package full of goodies? Goodies! My particular mailman takes at least 45 minutes to an hour to sort the mail for my half of the complex, so I wish he would scan my package tracking number when he is about to leave in stead of when he first gets to the mail hut (it’s what I call it because it has a tiny pointy roof). So when I get the notification that my package is delivered I have to wait around for an hour until he’s done. When he leaves though it’s a power walk to the hut, I would run however I’m not dressed even remotely cute so people who see me would be like, look at that tornado running in her slippers. However, they don’t know what’s inside my box! My husband got the pleasure of opening this box because there were some things for him, but what did I get you ask? Well, I got a couple awesome t-shirts, notepads( my mom and I have a thing for paper and ink okay?) and of course because my mom knows me best….One of my favorite brands of coffee! And a bunch of it too! My husband and I are going to have a great start to our days from here on out! I shall call it “Our Monthly Buzz”. So buckle down and tune in tomorrow morning for what flavor we will be having!

Seriously order some coffee and try it out! They are having a summer sale now as I type and you’ll get 15% off your order! Also, look at their mugs, um so cool! I have a huge thing for mugs and have too many as my husband would say, but I don’t think I have enough! I can’t wait until my husband and I buy a house so I can have a coffee station and hang all my awesome mugs. Seriously.

Well I had a great day off and can’t wait to enjoy another! Yes I have two days off in a row! Not by choice though, my work closed for 2 days to remodel the patio for this upcoming season. Did I mention I have also been working out? Yes me going to a gym and pumping the iron! I feel great! Today was the start of week two and I can already feel my muscles getting stronger. I just need to stay away from the sweets that taunt me every moment on my life! Well, I can’t just say sweets because all I can think about is getting a supreme Costco pizza and crinkle cut French frys! Ugh.

Well until tomorrow morning.

Thank you Mom!

Peace out Girl Scouts.

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