Good Mid-Morning! 

We had a little late start to our day since we slept in a little, but it’s good to catch up on some much needed sleep. On this Tuesday morning though we get to wake up and make some Door County Coffee! Drum roll please! This mornings coffee is…….. Freakin’ Cinnamon Buns! Wait it says frosted. Frosted Freakin’ Cinnamon Buns! Oh man do I love a good sweet cinnamon roll, burn your tongue hot, gooey and lathered in frosting. Let me tell you that’s what this coffee taste like! The aroma of this coffee smells like sweet roasted cinnamon sugar goodness. This package is supposed to be for a pot of coffee however to get the full flavor that this coffee has to offer I only make about 9 cups, but that’s also because I like my coffee stronger.

I think this is defiantly my new favorite flavor that isn’t a holiday flavor! And the best part about this coffee is it fills that sweet tooth without actually eating a 2,000 calorie cinnamon roll so helps me while I’m trying to be healthy! Thank goodness for great coffee!

Order your favorite flavor and a mug to put it in and get 15% off your order too! Hey and if you don’t like coffee they have some tea blend available too! I will have to order some for myself.

Happy Tuesday everyone! Enjoy your tacos, tequila, tamales, tostadas or even some tater tots! Whatever floats your boat!

I love you all!

Peace out Girl Scouts✌🏻

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