The “Little” moments. 

It’s 9:30 and I’m laying in bed because I’m 22 year old that struggles to keep my eyes open after the sun goes down. I have the problem that most people do when and when I lay down, my mind wanders. However, my head wanders in a good way. I reminisce on the relaxing day I had, not worrying about having to go to work, no errands to run and nothing to study because school doesn’t start for another month. My husband, brother in law and I went out for drinks and dinner and after made cookies and watched a scary movie that wasn’t even scary (lame sauce). Now my kitty and I are here snuggling in one of the shirts my mom sent me in my care package yesterday. Nothing beats kitty snuggles and mamas love from 1,885 miles away. 
Hey instead of worring about the what if’s, bills, or a hectic schedule, think about the good, the endless possibilities that life has to offer(the nonstressful ones). Think about the love around you and the great memories that you have even if you just have a few. Be positive. I’m greatful for the love I have around me and the love from far away. 

I know you are wondering why I quoted Little in my title and it’s because that’s my last name so it’s cliché when I use it in text. Plus it matches the day I spent with the not so little “Little” brothers ( they are like 1/2 giant I swear). 

Sweet dreams my Girl Scouts. 

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