Cloudy with a chance of Monday Meatballs!!

Hey! Good morning! It’s raining here in my city, Phoenix and rain always makes it a good day here in the valley besides the people who drive like idiots. *yawn* It was hard getting up this morning after working all weekend long, but at least I have off tomorrow! Woohoo! I went though my normal routine making coffee, putting real clothes on and having a fun time with my husband. Then I leave for work and it’s just a nice rainy day, clouds coving the valley and to me the day just got brighter. I love rain so much. Gloomy days are my favorite days. Today’s rain however is a cool rain making it only 75 degrees outside! It’s a nice break from the 107 degrees where you can’t even breath it’s so hot! 

Ugh today makes me want a gingerbread latte from Starbucks. Winter is here in GOT but not in Phoenix Arizona. Soon though soon the weather will be cooler and my spirits will be lifted like today. 

Happy dreary Monday! 

Peace out Girl Scouts! ✌🏻

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