My “Little” home. 

Growing up my parents were divorced, but that’s not my story I’m here to talk about. My point is that I always had two homes and two rooms, and they were both completely different. They were both home, but when I moved out with my Husband a couple of years ago I have always wanted to create my own home. A comfortable, loving, warm and filled with everything that makes my heart full. Trust me it took so many hours on Pinterest, HGTV and a little bit of my own imagination to create my “Little” home. 

For a awhile, I really got into chalk board signs and once I started getting into it, not to toot my own horn, but I made great signs! (The first picture was my first chalkboard and the last one I have hanging on my Disney wall) (ps I have a little Disney wall, a couple of picture I got from Disneyland!) I’m pretty crafty when I have the time and the extra couple of bucks to go to hobby lobby for supplies. 

Now let me tell you I defiantly ball on a budget, all the frames on the wall besides the white wedding frame, all came from a garage sale that my mom went to. I actually tore out the pictures that were glued in the frame and threw away all the glass. The two red frames I got from a home decor store I use to work for. They gave them to me because there was a couple of defects. They were actually a light blue/grey color and then I painted them red! I also glued the burlap to the back of the frame so I could hang more pictures on them. I have always had a thing for bookshelves with a lot of books on them. Personally, I love to read when I have the extra time, and I always buy my books used because I like to support the smaller local bookstores. But I always felt that a bookshelf gives a home knowledge if that makes sense? Bookshelves filled with books show the many different adventures their owners go on and how their imaginations have expanded with their travels. This is when I first started my collection of books and I defiantly have added to my collection since. On the bottom shelf I also have my small collection of board games because what’s a home without a deck of cards?  

This is my cute little living room that has quite literary taken me so much trial and error and it still looks plain, but I decided that with living in an apartment you can overdo it with bulky furniture and too much wall decor. I have also had three couches in the past two years and I have finally found the one that suits our living style. After three years of the sun blazing through our sliding glass door I have finally found the most awesome black out curtains and for a good price! My husband told me I had to tone down how many thing I put on the wall behind the couch so this is what I came up, artwork I bought from my work and a pin board that I can hang pictures on (I have a thing for hanging or framing all my favorite memories, I told you my home is filled with my heart). I’m still on the hunt for the perfect rug to complete my room! I want a giant oversized rug to cover up the ugly apartment carpet I have. I also have a thing for blankets and I have a basket full of them under my end table that you can’t see in the picture. I’m really into afghan’s that have a lot of color!

This is one, I have that my sleepy feline is all cozy on! I really want a beautiful sunflower afghan, because sunflowers are my favorite.

Well this is all for now! Next time I’ll show you more of my decor that I have made that and hold close to my heart. I also want everyone to know it’s not the material items that make my home a home, it’s the people I share it with and the memories that I make everyday living here. Especially sharing it with the love of my life. 

Peace out Girl Scouts.

❤️ E. Little

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