My first yoga experience. 

For a long time I have been wanting to try yoga and when we got the gym membership the first thing, well actually it was the second thing (the first thing was how much it cost) but if they offered yoga classes and they do! Finally, I got the class schedule and decided to go last night!

It was a late night class which made me feel more at ease because I thought it wouldn’t be as full, but I was wrong. Almost all the space was taken up and for a good reason.

I walked into class and rolled out the new mat I just bought earlier that day, looked around at everyone, pretended I knew what I was doing and was casually starting to stretch. Then, the instructor began to tell everyone to lay down and the class just causally began. 10 minutes into the class I found myself almost mesmerized by the teachers words listening to her and focusing on my breathing.

You never would guess what happened right in the middle of class. Yep you guessed it, someone was really listening to her and really exhaled all of the energy not only through their mouth, but through their butt as well. Oh man did it stink! And this was of course, when it started getting intense so everyone was breathing heavy, and breathing in the stink! Then it’s passed and I got back into my concentration.

Off and on my muscles were getting shaken up because I was using and stretching muscles I’ve never knew I had. I loved the feeling. I loved being in a soothing trance through the instructors voice and have never felt so relaxed. I loved how smooth all the movements went together, changing positions.

When the class was coming to the end we did some simple stretching, sat cris cross and ended with releasing our anger, bad thoughts, and focused on our hearts beating in our chest. Then we ended with a group, namaste.

I will defiantly be taking another class just because of the way I felt afterward. I felt relaxed, I felt all my muscle throughout my body, I felt my mind focused and I felt good about myself.

I can’t wait for my next experience because I know it will be that much better.

Namaste Girl Scouts.

❤️ E. Little

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