Have you ever been to the beautiful state of Wisconsin? All my family on my mother’s side and some from my father’s side live there and it’s always a treat when I get a plane ticket to go! I love Wisconsin because it is so different from Arizona, it is a quite a culture shock when you go because the people are 10 times nicer, the atmosphere is 10 times better and you truly get all the aspects of nature like seeing the animals running in the woods, everything is so green and there are fresh bodies of water everywhere. My mom moved back almost a year ago to the town of Marinette and she always keeps me updated on whats going on with the town, and when I heard there is going to be a mine built on the Menominee River, my heart hurt. Menominee river

This river is actually my grandmothers backyard and flows all the way down to my mom’s house. A street away from my moms house to be exact.  A mining company wants to put a sulfide mine right in this spot (picture below) to drill out silver, copper, and other minerals while contaminating the river with its waste-products.

Photo taken by Danika Laine

menomineecountymenOpposers may think, how much harm can it really do? However, there is always a start and end and some parts are very wide that also have a strong current. So the waste of the mine WILL travel and WILL effect all the wild life the river has to offer. Not only will the mine effect the fish in the water, but will affect the animals that use the water for hydration and to bathe in. img_5525img_5526menominee-river-fall-2012-Beautiful pictures right? Now think of a mine right in the middle of the tree line and just imagine all of the contaminated fumes coming out of the buildings and polluting the air of the surrounding areas. No one should breathe in chemical tainted air and neither should the animals that live in the area.The river is 116 miles long and effects both Wisconsin and Michigan, also the river runs right into the Green Bay, which will be especially harmful to the people who live there.

I know what you are thinking why is a girl from Phoenix, Arizona worried about a river 2,100 miles away? This affects the town my family lives in and my favorite place to be. Everyone far and near needs to stand up together and put an end to contamination. Save the wildlife and save the beauty of the area. There are only so many sacred places left in the world, and they need to stay that way.

Here are some links for you to learn more about whats going on:

Stand up Girl Scouts!

❤ E. Little

Fun Fact: I wore my Back 40 Mine Shirt today and someone here in Phoenix recognized knew the river, so I spread the word of whats going on. Save the River! img_5500

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