My Monday Blues.

I sit here listening to the thunder rolling right around my apartment with the storm going completely around my me, as a typical Arizona storm would do. Today, was not a good Monday. I woke up with a terrible migraine that came out of no where, so brewed my favorite coffee to perk me back up. img_5573Because who doesn’t want some “Heavenly Caramel” on a Monday morning. Drinking coffee in the morning defiantly makes me feel better especially when I have “Friends” on the telly! As I was sitting on the couch I notice I had to leave for work in 15 minutes. UGH! I changed 4 different times before I left the house and I didn’t leave looking even remotely decent. It’s a good thing that I get to wear whatever I like as long as my butt isn’t hanging out and my armpits aren’t showing. So I went to work as if I was going to the gym because it was the only thing that was semi comfortable. Then, I got to work and my headache was still dwindling in the background. Work wasn’t too awful, besides the fact it was so slow and I didn’t make money, but not much is to be expected on a Monday morning.

Since I was already dressed for the gym I drove straight there after work. Now, the exit at my work is a roundabout to get on the freeway, and it still flabbergastes me that people don’t know how to drive around them! There was a van and myself waiting to enter onto the roundabout, he was on the left and I was on the right so he was on the inside. The road was clear so we both went at the same time and this guy must have thought that there was an imaginary line because he was driving in my lane and his! HE ALMOST RAN ME OFF THE ROAD AND INTO  THE FREEWAY DITCH! LET ME JUST ADD I JUST MADE MY FIRST CAR PAYMENT AND THIS GUY ALMOST KILLED ME AND MY NEW CAR. My adrenaline was pumping so hard I was seeing spots. Also I saw my life flash before my eyes so that’s probably why my heart was racing so.

The gym was good. Worked a lot on my back and chest. There was one guy though that was driving me a little crazy because throughout his entire workout he was making these LOUD breathing noises through his teeth. Normally, I’m not bother by people when they are lifting heavy and pushing out the carbon dioxide between reps, but if I can hear your whistle breathing (what I would like to call it) with my headphones in and can point out what machine your on throughout the entire gym you are going to give yourself a hernia. I don’t intend to be mean, but I was losing my focus.

A couple of times a week I go in the sauna after the gym so I can relax my muscles and I was thinking I should relax by the pool when I got back home. My husband and I never really go in out apartment pool because there are always so many kids in the pool see we see it more as a hole in the ground filled with pee, but I needed some good vitamin D amd some fresh air. Yes, I live in Phoenix, AZ the most sunny state in the Untied States, and I am the whitest person who lives here. AND I’M OK WITH IT. Just means that my skin will be beautiful when I’m older and I have a less chance of getting skin cancer! GO ME! img_5559My day stated getting better as I saw the clouds rolling in the distance so I decided to head back inside, but not without making a stop at my mail hut. Let me say, My day got brighter when I saw what I had in my mailbox! img_5560 This is just to tease you about whats inside the box! Stay tuned tomorrow morning for what I got inside!

Now I am home and thinking to myself that today wasn’t really a bad day. I just found things that bothered me and dwelled on it. I remember I would tell my friend when we were in high school the rain washes away all the bad and the new day will bring the good and sunshine. So here I am telling myself my own words of wisdom. img_5576img_5578

My Monday Blues have come and gone with the storm and tomorrow will be a great new day and a day off work at that!

Some regulars came into the restaurant today and asked me hows school going and I politely reminded them I still have 3 weeks! I don’t want to think about not having a life yet! I’ll worry about that next week.

Until tomorrow morning Girl Scouts!



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