Wake up and Grind!

Good morning my fellow Hippies! I hope you have your coffee in hand, ready to start the day because you all know I do! I know you are all curious to know what I am drinking today, because it is always something good. When we went on our California trip a friend mentioned that I … Continue reading Wake up and Grind!

A summer to end all summers. 

Well here we go folks! Another semester going down in the books and one step closer to my goal. I'm not the only one starting school today, my husband also is going back to school this semester to get his EMT certificate and end goal to get on the Fire Department. We are really excited … Continue reading A summer to end all summers. 

Friday morning coffee news!

NEW COFFEE HERE! NEW COFFEE HERE! Happy Friday morning people! I have been up since 7AM to go to an early DR appointment and didn't drink my coffee because the last time I had an early DR appointment and had coffee they told me my heart rate and blood pressure was high. I had to … Continue reading Friday morning coffee news!