Wake up and Grind!

Good morning my fellow Hippies! I hope you have your coffee in hand, ready to start the day because you all know I do!

I know you are all curious to know what I am drinking today, because it is always something good. When we went on our California trip a friend mentioned that I should check out Bohdi Leaf Coffee Traders because he saw them on a TV show about how this small business is achieving great success. Well I never turn down a trip to a coffee shop, especially one I haven’t been to before.

So we stopped in and the back wall has this giant window looking into their storage room FULL OF COFFEE FROM AROUND THE WORLD! img_5717-1I thought this was so cool and what an awesome touch to the look of the store! Then to the right of the store is giant roasting machine and they were in the middle of a roasting process. I think that is an awesome way to show the people, Bodhi makes extremely fresh coffee. (I’m sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the roasting machine, I was caught up in the moment.)

I didn’t buy a cup of coffee when I was there because I already had plenty (did I say I had enough coffee, is this me taking?) but we were going out to eat so I just shmoozzed their coffee selection to bring home. I picked out what looked to be a normal blend, but I could be wrong. Either way I love pretty much all coffees. img_6074The Bodhi Zen Blend, let me tell you, I feel super zen after drinking it! It was an exciting morning in the Little house hold when we whipped out our new grinder! A little buzz buzz and then a few beep beeps and the coffee was made! This coffee is one of the most fresh coffee I have had. It has a super smooth creamy flavor and I know grinding the coffee myself makes a big difference! I will now buy whole bean coffee from here on out! and more coffee from Bodhi Leaf! img_6075I also love the Red Beard touch inside the bag, this is the founder of Bodhi Leaf, Steve Sims.

So Cheers to the great coffee this company has!

And cheers to getting through the long day of school that myself and my fellow students may have!

Study long and study strong!

Peace out Girl Scouts!

❤ E. Little

img_6081(This is my, Seriously, Seriously (from Greys Anatomy when George didn’t buy Izzy or Mer the tampons becasue HE IS A MAN) look because I am seriously drinking such great coffee.)



Fall Coffee For All.


Yes you need to keep reading on how to win!

Happy Thursday my friends! I have a quick day at work today, then tonight I need to HIT THE BOOKS and get some good studying in so I start off the semester strong. Yesterday was kinda a drag for me, if you read my last post you would know why, also I wasn’t really feeling like myself so I am blaming it on the heat and being very dehydrated. But what brightened up my day even though I got home after sun down was seeing a special box that was delivered while I was at school! img_5919You know by now that this is my favorite coffee! Inside contained all of the awesome fall flavors they make! Its hard living in a city that doesn’t truly get all of the season, so what do I do to get in the season?

  1. I decorate. I love all things pumpkin, I especially love the decorative dish towels that have the season being celebrated.
  2. Candles, seasonal candles are DELISH! I want to walk in my apartment and be smacked in the face with apples and cinnamon! Hey its my home so it can smell however I want it too.
  3. NEVER FORGET THE COFFEE! That does include pumpkin spice! and 100% everything cinnamon!

So why am I using all caps?! YES, because my caffeine intake is effecting my body and because I AM SO EXCITED TO TRY ALL THE FALL FLAVORS FOR THE SEASON! This morning I am drinking the new flavor that just came out called the Wisconsin Harvest Blend.

When I drink this coffee all I can think about is Wisconsin when the leaves are changing and how my grandma will be making so many pies. Most times if we aren’t having hash for breakfast we are having one of twenty pies she whipped up the day before.

I love you Grandma Louise.

If you have never been to Wisconsin I recommend going sometime at the end of September or October. Sometimes the leaves aren’t even changing in September yet so its safer to go in October. With the sound of the wind blowing through the dried leaves and the crisp cold nights it will sure be an experience found in this wonderful state.

I think that is one of the reasons why I love this coffee because it comes from someplace so wonderful. In my mind Wisconsin= Family and that is what I experience when I interact with the business. The message is even on the box itself! img_5920The next time I go visit my family, my mom and I are definitely making a little road trip to Door County and the first stop will be Door County Coffee! Now I know you all have been waiting patiently to find out how to get entered in the giveaway. Well here’s how. First you like the Door County Coffee page on Facebook.


Next, You have to like my Facebook page,


Then, you most share this post on your own Facebook.

When you shared, comment on my link your favorite fall memory! I would like to know more about my readers and I love a good story!

What the prize you ask well is this isn’t the best giveaway I don’t know what is.



The Giveaway will be open for 48 hours!

So share and like away! Spread the love because today the world needs more love. If you don’t win, scroll through the website and buy couple samples to try, I wouldn’t rant and rave about this because its something to do, I preach this coffee because it is truly the most tasty coffee I have had!


It’s definitely a fan favorite in this house! My husband loves trying all the different flavors they have and gets excited opening a new bag! (Wanna know a weird secret? We like smelling the bag when we open it because it smells like magic!) Yes, coffee is magical. (See Erin, I told you he wakes up and he gets nose deep in the book.)

Now I would like to take the time to coffee toast, (please lift your mugs)

CHEERS, to a having a wonderful life even when things don’t go as planned.

CHEERS, to all of our loving family and friends far and near.

CHEERS, to this awesome Thursday morning as the day brings us many laughs and reminds us to be thankful for what we take for granted.

AND CHEERS, to awesome coffee as it forever keeps our perks and fills our souls with happiness!

Have a good Thursday my Girl Scouts.

And P.S. “May the odds ever be in your favor.” (I don’t know id this has a copyright if so it’s from Hunger Games! An awesome movie, but even better book.)



My ruffled feathers. 

It’s Wednesday. I’m at school. I have a 3 and a half hour window until my next class starts. Honestly, I have no problem with because when I made my schedule I thought it would be good study time and I could go to the library and crack on some good quite studying (plus I’m not wasting my gas driving home to come back driving in rush hour). I know what you are thinking, man why would she make her schedule to have a 3 and a half hour window in between classes. For my micro class the lab is only on Monday’s for that long period so on Wednesday I have a bunch of extra time.

So I stuck to my plan. My first class got out and I went straight to the library. Now it’s been maybe 10 years since I have been to a library, and I was kinda excited because I have a love for books and as weird as this sounds I like the smell of them too? Don’t judge me! So I walk up and see the sign on the door no drinks allowed so I hide my water bottle in my backpack and head on in. I got this weird vibe when I walked in, it wasn’t a normal library feel. I asked the lady at the front desk if I needed to check in if I were to use a computer and she was very kind, told me no and directed me to the computer area. Now, the computers are located right in the middle of the library. Whatever not a big deal. I sit at one that is empty, sign in and while waiting for the computer to load it hits me. IT IS SO LOUD! Last time I checked it was proper etiquette to be quite in a library! In my mind I was thinking we are all going to get in trouble and the librarian is going to come over here and yell at all of us. However,that didn’t happen so I was assuming this was normal. Welcome to a 2017 library! So I put my headphones in and listen to a lecture I recorded (yes, my teacher knows and lets us record his lectures) and I start making my flash cards online and try to drown out everyone’s voices.

I did good for a while until I kept getting distracted by these big groups of people walking by, talking and laughing super loud that I lose my focus. Honestly I don’t mind quite chatter because when I’m at home studying I like to have the tv on for background noise, but when it’s group after group walking by being rude I couldn’t focus. At this point I think my cat is less annoying than these young adults having social hour walking through the library. The library has two entrances directly across from each other and yes they would walk in and just walk out the other door. THIS IS WHY OBESITY IS A PROBLEM! Because they can’t simply take ten more steps to walk around! What’s the next thing that happened you ask?! Well the guy that was in front of me on a computer opens a bag of chips and starts smacking his lips and mouth! Excuse me, but the door says no food or drink allowed! Ugh now I really couldn’t think so I signed off the computer and looked for the bathroom.

I found the bathroom and no I didn’t fall in case you were wondering. After I took the time to walk around and see what kind of books they had. They actually had these cool study rooms that you and your classmates can use to do homework and group projects in which is cool. Then guess what I find. A room called “The Quite Room”. Now this is where I’m confused. So a library actually has a place for people to be extra extra quite?? Isn’t that also called a library? My mind is officially blown and so I left.

I’m sitting a table in the science building next to a cafe that they have, typing my whole experience off my phone so if there are a lot of mistakes I sincerely apologize, and should inform you that I learned my lesson and will bring my own computer from now on. I can’t wait until it is nice outside and I can just study outside instead. But that’s just not possible on the 106 degree day. 

As of right now I am missing my feline at home as she is much easier to deal with then these people.

Thank you world from letting me rant to you about my horrible library experience. And I hope that your day is going better than mine! A good cup of coffee could really turn my day around at this moment but they only have the fake kind for sale here.

Until my next thought, peace out Girl Scouts.

Sweet Cup, sweet treats!

My husband and I got back from our little family vacation a couple of days ago and we went to some of the coolest places! This one in particular I found on just scrolling through my Instagram feed and sent it to my mother in law hoping to go! Let me just say we went and LOVED IT! img_5751 Finding this place was like finding a jewel in a treasure chest! It was tucked away off the street in between a bunch of little shops and restaurants. We arrived in the nick of time because the line was growing so long behind us! This place is POPULAR and for a good reason!

The nice girl took our order and you can move to the side of the counter and watch them make the creation. Whats the creation you ask? Well it is ICE CREAM TACOS! Yes, you read correctly. img_5734img_5739These ice cream ninjas pour the cream on the ice stone, scrape it, shape it until it is frozen and able to be scrapped into a rolled taco form. Like this for example, You also can pick what color you want the shell to be as well!  img_5745img_5748img_5742img_5746img_5740Seriously how cool is this idea! And they had all different flavors from coconut, to fruity pebbles and the original cookies and cream! I wish that I lived near the Sweet Cup so I could try all of their awesome flavors and mix up the waffle shell color and create some awesome tacos! Out of all the flavors we got the fruity pebble was the table favorite!

I tagged the location so if you live in California I highly recommend stopping by this place and get your sweet tooth fix! This place will not disappoint! And if there is a line out the door, GET IN IT because this is a once in a lifetime chance to have an ICE CREAM TACO!

Find them on social and like their pages and see what they are whipping up daily!

Until next time Girl Scouts. img_5753

A summer to end all summers. 

Well here we go folks! Another semester going down in the books and one step closer to my goal. I’m not the only one starting school today, my husband also is going back to school this semester to get his EMT certificate and end goal to get on the Fire Department. We are really excited for the upcoming year with all the possibilities it may hold for us. img_5873(This is our feline that couldn’t get out of bed this morning)

This summer was different than most for us. We experienced new things, ate new foods, read new books (less than what I wanted), I think in all it was a very uplifting summer. That is the only way of describing it. We loved each other, we grew closer together, supported each other through the changes we went through, we became a true married couple. Maybe I should call this “the summer of love”. img_3978

If this summer didn’t happen I would still be on the nursing path and probably be very unhappy going to school today, but that’s not the case. I am locked and load! And very excited to see my old school friends I made last semester. I am a big friend maker, but when I would go to school I would go, leave and not talk to anyone, but last semester I spend a lot of time with my anatomy study group and we became a little close.

I’m excited to come home today and crack open the bottle of Champagne we have in the fridge, cheers to a great first day of school, talk about everything that happened and eat the enormous amount of leftovers we have in the fridge. I made my famous spicy shrimp pasta bake that is a fan favorite. img_5829

Well here is to a great semester!

Here’s to love!

Here’s is to getting good grades!

Here’s to working hard!

And here is to a wonderful life!

Stay nerdy my Girl Scouts!img_5857(Speaking of nerdy, who watched Game of Thrones last night?? What are your thoughts for the last episode, I would love to hear them 🙂 ) This shirt was on


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Come on my shirt is really bad ass.

Friday morning coffee news!


Happy Friday morning people! I have been up since 7AM to go to an early DR appointment and didn’t drink my coffee because the last time I had an early DR appointment and had coffee they told me my heart rate and blood pressure was high. I had to explain that I had a good cup of joe and not to worry. So I rushed home after my appointment because I knew what was waiting when I got home.

So what’s new you ask?! Well I have my buzz off this new coffee from a town Escanaba, MI and it is GREAT! This is some of the most fresh coffee I have had! img_5674UP North Roast Coffee!! My favorite of the two is the Premium Blend, I think it almost taste like coca with a hint of peanut butter, I know sounds delish huh? The best part about this coffee is that I am supporting a small business! As much as I do like Starbucks coffee blends, I love supporting the smaller coffee shops to keep people’s dreams alive.

img_5812This coffee I can say is very different from most just because of the color of it. This is the color of both coffees and you may think “yeah this is normal”, but in person it is truly a lighter color. I LOVE IT! So unique. This shop is located about an hour north of where my mom lives, so next time I go to visit her we will have to make a little trip to this shop!

Below are a couple of selfies enjoying my cup of coffee in my “Death Before Decaf” Shirt.

img_5801img_5805img_5806img_5808img_5809Hey its Friday! I’m just enjoying my time before I go to work! Heres the link to the UP North Roast website for you to get your own bag of coffee to try!


Read about how their business got started, it’s a good story!

Have a good Friday my Girl Scouts!

P.S. I ate a bunch of chocolate covered espresso beans with my coffee, so I feel that’s why I took so many pictures, my brain can’t decided on one!

My mid-22 life crisis.


The past couple weeks have been kinda an emotional roller coaster for me with school starting again on Monday. Usually, I get excited for school to start again, but this time I didn’t get the feeling. For those of you who don’t know I was on the path to getting my bachelors in Nursing, I chose the profession because I want to help people, I want to have a good job that will give me good life skills, I know I can get a job anywhere and the pay would be good.

For weeks I haven’t been able to sleep well, nervous because I keep asking myself if I am making the right decision, if this is what I truly want to do or am I doing it just because it’s a good career. If I am asking myself these questions deep in my gut I know I don’t want to do it.  I have always told myself I want to be happy with my profession and I don’t think that I will truly be happy with it.

I still want to help people, I know that, and I don’t want all the classes I took to go to waste. So whats the first thing I do? Call my mom. I blew her phone up almost in panic because I didn’t know what to do with my life (we have a 2 hour time difference just to let you know, these were late phone calls). I also blew up my best friend because she is in a masters program for athletic training and loves it. I also found advise though my school by emailing different program members asking what my options were.

This summer was different than most, I actually took care of my body. I really got into fitness, I love the atmosphere, I love finding new fun foods to try that are actually good for our bodies, and I tried new things that truly opened my mind to the possibilities I can do.

So after all the debating and researching I decided what I want to do, I want to be a Registered Dietitian. I want to help people who want to better themselves and who need the proper guidance to do so. I want to learn about how the things we put in our body affects us, and how they affect people differently. I want to do so many things and I know I will go far with this.

img_5791So here’s to a kombucha cheers! (I LOVE KOMBUCHA!)

Never forget to love yourself and love what you do!

and if someone took this post to heart and are having second thoughts on what you want to do with your life, seek help! I can’t imagine what I would feel like now if I didn’t take the first step and talk about it with someone.

Spread love and peace my Girl Scouts.