Frosting for Breakfast.

Good Late Morning!! My husband and I definitely slept in late today, but with summer coming to an end we need some extra sleep before school starts.

So you know that box I got in the mail yesterday? It was filled with my favorite thing in the world (besides my mom), DOOR COUNTY COFFEE! And guess what they have released a new flavor too!! img_5582Frosting on the CAKE!! Whats your favorite frosting? Buttercream? Whip cream (I don’t consider it real frosting, but people put it on their cake for some reason)? Personally, I love cream cheese frosting to the moon and back! My next favorite would be buttercream and this is what this coffee takes like! Oh some buttercream frosting on a cinnamon coffee cake just sounds so delightful. Alright back to the coffee, when I did wake up this morning, I jumped out of bed, got the coffee in the filter and stood by the coffee maker watching each drip of caffeinated goodness drop down into the pot. Some mornings I swear my coffee maker taunts me by taking FOREVER to brew the coffee ( it really takes the same amount of time every time I’m just being dramatic). Finally the coffee alarm went off, I poured the coffee in my new Door County Coffee mug, and burned my tongue with the delicious scolding hot coffee! I never regret burning my taste buds with truly terrific coffee. Especially coffee that taste like vanilla buttercream frosting. Seriously Door County Coffee makes any imaginable flavor of coffee to be good. I mean come on Frosting on the Cake, who wouldn’t want to wake up to that in their coffee cup? YUM!

You want to try this new amazing coffee you say? Well they released this coffee to celebrate their 24th anniversary! So if you ask me, now is the perfect time to try it their coffee because their website is offering 24% off EVERYTHING! YES EVERYTHING! So if i were you I would pick out a bunch of their sample packs to find your favorite flavor and throw a mug in with your purchase just because I know you want a super cute mug to pair with your amazing coffee! Hey and if you spend of $49, you’ll get free shipping on top of it!

Use the code 24YEARS when you buy your coffee too!

img_5595 (This photo is when I took my first sip of this dreamy coffee)img_5592

(And this coffee is when the coffee sank deep in my soul, and changed my life forever) (Did I mention I am pretty dramatic? Well if I didn’t then ask my mother, she’ll inform you how dramtic I am 🙂 )

Well until my next caffeine fix my Girl Scouts.

P.S. Coffee is for owners and boxes are for kitties!


2 thoughts on “Frosting for Breakfast.

  1. You made this coffee sound so delicious that I will be investing in some!!! But first…….a new coffee maker because mine died about a week ago.

    Thanks Golden Hair Hippie 😉


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