My mid-22 life crisis.


The past couple weeks have been kinda an emotional roller coaster for me with school starting again on Monday. Usually, I get excited for school to start again, but this time I didn’t get the feeling. For those of you who don’t know I was on the path to getting my bachelors in Nursing, I chose the profession because I want to help people, I want to have a good job that will give me good life skills, I know I can get a job anywhere and the pay would be good.

For weeks I haven’t been able to sleep well, nervous because I keep asking myself if I am making the right decision, if this is what I truly want to do or am I doing it just because it’s a good career. If I am asking myself these questions deep in my gut I know I don’t want to do it.  I have always told myself I want to be happy with my profession and I don’t think that I will truly be happy with it.

I still want to help people, I know that, and I don’t want all the classes I took to go to waste. So whats the first thing I do? Call my mom. I blew her phone up almost in panic because I didn’t know what to do with my life (we have a 2 hour time difference just to let you know, these were late phone calls). I also blew up my best friend because she is in a masters program for athletic training and loves it. I also found advise though my school by emailing different program members asking what my options were.

This summer was different than most, I actually took care of my body. I really got into fitness, I love the atmosphere, I love finding new fun foods to try that are actually good for our bodies, and I tried new things that truly opened my mind to the possibilities I can do.

So after all the debating and researching I decided what I want to do, I want to be a Registered Dietitian. I want to help people who want to better themselves and who need the proper guidance to do so. I want to learn about how the things we put in our body affects us, and how they affect people differently. I want to do so many things and I know I will go far with this.

img_5791So here’s to a kombucha cheers! (I LOVE KOMBUCHA!)

Never forget to love yourself and love what you do!

and if someone took this post to heart and are having second thoughts on what you want to do with your life, seek help! I can’t imagine what I would feel like now if I didn’t take the first step and talk about it with someone.

Spread love and peace my Girl Scouts.

2 thoughts on “My mid-22 life crisis.

  1. Good choice. For schooling you have. Because of Terri’s last year’s in nursing ,I would not go into nursing. The insurance companies are making it harder and harder for nurses to spend time with patients. And school’s are not telling all the true about getting job’s pay and hour’s.


  2. You can Blow up your Auntie’s phone too!!!
    Always remember, follow your heart. Even if it takes you down scary paths where you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. The best discoveries you make in life are the ones that you find through chaos and uncertainty. Trust me, I know all about struggle. I love you Ellie belly!


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