Friday morning coffee news!


Happy Friday morning people! I have been up since 7AM to go to an early DR appointment and didn’t drink my coffee because the last time I had an early DR appointment and had coffee they told me my heart rate and blood pressure was high. I had to explain that I had a good cup of joe and not to worry. So I rushed home after my appointment because I knew what was waiting when I got home.

So what’s new you ask?! Well I have my buzz off this new coffee from a town Escanaba, MI and it is GREAT! This is some of the most fresh coffee I have had! img_5674UP North Roast Coffee!! My favorite of the two is the Premium Blend, I think it almost taste like coca with a hint of peanut butter, I know sounds delish huh? The best part about this coffee is that I am supporting a small business! As much as I do like Starbucks coffee blends, I love supporting the smaller coffee shops to keep people’s dreams alive.

img_5812This coffee I can say is very different from most just because of the color of it. This is the color of both coffees and you may think “yeah this is normal”, but in person it is truly a lighter color. I LOVE IT! So unique. This shop is located about an hour north of where my mom lives, so next time I go to visit her we will have to make a little trip to this shop!

Below are a couple of selfies enjoying my cup of coffee in my “Death Before Decaf” Shirt.

img_5801img_5805img_5806img_5808img_5809Hey its Friday! I’m just enjoying my time before I go to work! Heres the link to the UP North Roast website for you to get your own bag of coffee to try!

Read about how their business got started, it’s a good story!

Have a good Friday my Girl Scouts!

P.S. I ate a bunch of chocolate covered espresso beans with my coffee, so I feel that’s why I took so many pictures, my brain can’t decided on one!

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