A summer to end all summers. 

Well here we go folks! Another semester going down in the books and one step closer to my goal. I’m not the only one starting school today, my husband also is going back to school this semester to get his EMT certificate and end goal to get on the Fire Department. We are really excited for the upcoming year with all the possibilities it may hold for us. img_5873(This is our feline that couldn’t get out of bed this morning)

This summer was different than most for us. We experienced new things, ate new foods, read new books (less than what I wanted), I think in all it was a very uplifting summer. That is the only way of describing it. We loved each other, we grew closer together, supported each other through the changes we went through, we became a true married couple. Maybe I should call this “the summer of love”. img_3978

If this summer didn’t happen I would still be on the nursing path and probably be very unhappy going to school today, but that’s not the case. I am locked and load! And very excited to see my old school friends I made last semester. I am a big friend maker, but when I would go to school I would go, leave and not talk to anyone, but last semester I spend a lot of time with my anatomy study group and we became a little close.

I’m excited to come home today and crack open the bottle of Champagne we have in the fridge, cheers to a great first day of school, talk about everything that happened and eat the enormous amount of leftovers we have in the fridge. I made my famous spicy shrimp pasta bake that is a fan favorite. img_5829

Well here is to a great semester!

Here’s to love!

Here’s is to getting good grades!

Here’s to working hard!

And here is to a wonderful life!

Stay nerdy my Girl Scouts!img_5857(Speaking of nerdy, who watched Game of Thrones last night?? What are your thoughts for the last episode, I would love to hear them 🙂 ) This shirt was on


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Come on my shirt is really bad ass.

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