Sweet Cup, sweet treats!

My husband and I got back from our little family vacation a couple of days ago and we went to some of the coolest places! This one in particular I found on just scrolling through my Instagram feed and sent it to my mother in law hoping to go! Let me just say we went and LOVED IT! img_5751 Finding this place was like finding a jewel in a treasure chest! It was tucked away off the street in between a bunch of little shops and restaurants. We arrived in the nick of time because the line was growing so long behind us! This place is POPULAR and for a good reason!

The nice girl took our order and you can move to the side of the counter and watch them make the creation. Whats the creation you ask? Well it is ICE CREAM TACOS! Yes, you read correctly. img_5734img_5739These ice cream ninjas pour the cream on the ice stone, scrape it, shape it until it is frozen and able to be scrapped into a rolled taco form. Like this for example, You also can pick what color you want the shell to be as well!  img_5745img_5748img_5742img_5746img_5740Seriously how cool is this idea! And they had all different flavors from coconut, to fruity pebbles and the original cookies and cream! I wish that I lived near the Sweet Cup so I could try all of their awesome flavors and mix up the waffle shell color and create some awesome tacos! Out of all the flavors we got the fruity pebble was the table favorite!

I tagged the location so if you live in California I highly recommend stopping by this place and get your sweet tooth fix! This place will not disappoint! And if there is a line out the door, GET IN IT because this is a once in a lifetime chance to have an ICE CREAM TACO!

Find them on social and like their pages and see what they are whipping up daily!

Until next time Girl Scouts. img_5753

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