My ruffled feathers. 

It’s Wednesday. I’m at school. I have a 3 and a half hour window until my next class starts. Honestly, I have no problem with because when I made my schedule I thought it would be good study time and I could go to the library and crack on some good quite studying (plus I’m not wasting my gas driving home to come back driving in rush hour). I know what you are thinking, man why would she make her schedule to have a 3 and a half hour window in between classes. For my micro class the lab is only on Monday’s for that long period so on Wednesday I have a bunch of extra time.

So I stuck to my plan. My first class got out and I went straight to the library. Now it’s been maybe 10 years since I have been to a library, and I was kinda excited because I have a love for books and as weird as this sounds I like the smell of them too? Don’t judge me! So I walk up and see the sign on the door no drinks allowed so I hide my water bottle in my backpack and head on in. I got this weird vibe when I walked in, it wasn’t a normal library feel. I asked the lady at the front desk if I needed to check in if I were to use a computer and she was very kind, told me no and directed me to the computer area. Now, the computers are located right in the middle of the library. Whatever not a big deal. I sit at one that is empty, sign in and while waiting for the computer to load it hits me. IT IS SO LOUD! Last time I checked it was proper etiquette to be quite in a library! In my mind I was thinking we are all going to get in trouble and the librarian is going to come over here and yell at all of us. However,that didn’t happen so I was assuming this was normal. Welcome to a 2017 library! So I put my headphones in and listen to a lecture I recorded (yes, my teacher knows and lets us record his lectures) and I start making my flash cards online and try to drown out everyone’s voices.

I did good for a while until I kept getting distracted by these big groups of people walking by, talking and laughing super loud that I lose my focus. Honestly I don’t mind quite chatter because when I’m at home studying I like to have the tv on for background noise, but when it’s group after group walking by being rude I couldn’t focus. At this point I think my cat is less annoying than these young adults having social hour walking through the library. The library has two entrances directly across from each other and yes they would walk in and just walk out the other door. THIS IS WHY OBESITY IS A PROBLEM! Because they can’t simply take ten more steps to walk around! What’s the next thing that happened you ask?! Well the guy that was in front of me on a computer opens a bag of chips and starts smacking his lips and mouth! Excuse me, but the door says no food or drink allowed! Ugh now I really couldn’t think so I signed off the computer and looked for the bathroom.

I found the bathroom and no I didn’t fall in case you were wondering. After I took the time to walk around and see what kind of books they had. They actually had these cool study rooms that you and your classmates can use to do homework and group projects in which is cool. Then guess what I find. A room called “The Quite Room”. Now this is where I’m confused. So a library actually has a place for people to be extra extra quite?? Isn’t that also called a library? My mind is officially blown and so I left.

I’m sitting a table in the science building next to a cafe that they have, typing my whole experience off my phone so if there are a lot of mistakes I sincerely apologize, and should inform you that I learned my lesson and will bring my own computer from now on. I can’t wait until it is nice outside and I can just study outside instead. But that’s just not possible on the 106 degree day. 

As of right now I am missing my feline at home as she is much easier to deal with then these people.

Thank you world from letting me rant to you about my horrible library experience. And I hope that your day is going better than mine! A good cup of coffee could really turn my day around at this moment but they only have the fake kind for sale here.

Until my next thought, peace out Girl Scouts.

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