Fall Coffee For All.


Yes you need to keep reading on how to win!

Happy Thursday my friends! I have a quick day at work today, then tonight I need to HIT THE BOOKS and get some good studying in so I start off the semester strong. Yesterday was kinda a drag for me, if you read my last post you would know why, also I wasn’t really feeling like myself so I am blaming it on the heat and being very dehydrated. But what brightened up my day even though I got home after sun down was seeing a special box that was delivered while I was at school! img_5919You know by now that this is my favorite coffee! Inside contained all of the awesome fall flavors they make! Its hard living in a city that doesn’t truly get all of the season, so what do I do to get in the season?

  1. I decorate. I love all things pumpkin, I especially love the decorative dish towels that have the season being celebrated.
  2. Candles, seasonal candles are DELISH! I want to walk in my apartment and be smacked in the face with apples and cinnamon! Hey its my home so it can smell however I want it too.
  3. NEVER FORGET THE COFFEE! That does include pumpkin spice! and 100% everything cinnamon!

So why am I using all caps?! YES, because my caffeine intake is effecting my body and because I AM SO EXCITED TO TRY ALL THE FALL FLAVORS FOR THE SEASON! This morning I am drinking the new flavor that just came out called the Wisconsin Harvest Blend.

When I drink this coffee all I can think about is Wisconsin when the leaves are changing and how my grandma will be making so many pies. Most times if we aren’t having hash for breakfast we are having one of twenty pies she whipped up the day before.

I love you Grandma Louise.

If you have never been to Wisconsin I recommend going sometime at the end of September or October. Sometimes the leaves aren’t even changing in September yet so its safer to go in October. With the sound of the wind blowing through the dried leaves and the crisp cold nights it will sure be an experience found in this wonderful state.

I think that is one of the reasons why I love this coffee because it comes from someplace so wonderful. In my mind Wisconsin= Family and that is what I experience when I interact with the business. The message is even on the box itself! img_5920The next time I go visit my family, my mom and I are definitely making a little road trip to Door County and the first stop will be Door County Coffee! Now I know you all have been waiting patiently to find out how to get entered in the giveaway. Well here’s how. First you like the Door County Coffee page on Facebook.


Next, You have to like my Facebook page,


Then, you most share this post on your own Facebook.

When you shared, comment on my link your favorite fall memory! I would like to know more about my readers and I love a good story!

What the prize you ask well is this isn’t the best giveaway I don’t know what is.



The Giveaway will be open for 48 hours!

So share and like away! Spread the love because today the world needs more love. If you don’t win, scroll through the website and buy couple samples to try, I wouldn’t rant and rave about this because its something to do, I preach this coffee because it is truly the most tasty coffee I have had!


It’s definitely a fan favorite in this house! My husband loves trying all the different flavors they have and gets excited opening a new bag! (Wanna know a weird secret? We like smelling the bag when we open it because it smells like magic!) Yes, coffee is magical. (See Erin, I told you he wakes up and he gets nose deep in the book.)

Now I would like to take the time to coffee toast, (please lift your mugs)

CHEERS, to a having a wonderful life even when things don’t go as planned.

CHEERS, to all of our loving family and friends far and near.

CHEERS, to this awesome Thursday morning as the day brings us many laughs and reminds us to be thankful for what we take for granted.

AND CHEERS, to awesome coffee as it forever keeps our perks and fills our souls with happiness!

Have a good Thursday my Girl Scouts.

And P.S. “May the odds ever be in your favor.” (I don’t know id this has a copyright if so it’s from Hunger Games! An awesome movie, but even better book.)



3 thoughts on “Fall Coffee For All.

  1. I cant wait until the leaves begin to change up here in New Hampshire. Its so beautiful and makes a perfect cool morning to sit on the porch, sip coffee and take in all of the fall colors!


  2. I love the fall in Michigan, watching the color change is so beautiful. The drive down country roads before the leaves fall is breathtaking.


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