Wake up and Grind!

Good morning my fellow Hippies! I hope you have your coffee in hand, ready to start the day because you all know I do!

I know you are all curious to know what I am drinking today, because it is always something good. When we went on our California trip a friend mentioned that I should check out Bohdi Leaf Coffee Traders because he saw them on a TV show about how this small business is achieving great success. Well I never turn down a trip to a coffee shop, especially one I haven’t been to before.

So we stopped in and the back wall has this giant window looking into their storage room FULL OF COFFEE FROM AROUND THE WORLD! img_5717-1I thought this was so cool and what an awesome touch to the look of the store! Then to the right of the store is giant roasting machine and they were in the middle of a roasting process. I think that is an awesome way to show the people, Bodhi makes extremely fresh coffee. (I’m sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the roasting machine, I was caught up in the moment.)

I didn’t buy a cup of coffee when I was there because I already had plenty (did I say I had enough coffee, is this me taking?) but we were going out to eat so I just shmoozzed their coffee selection to bring home. I picked out what looked to be a normal blend, but I could be wrong. Either way I love pretty much all coffees. img_6074The Bodhi Zen Blend, let me tell you, I feel super zen after drinking it! It was an exciting morning in the Little house hold when we whipped out our new grinder! A little buzz buzz and then a few beep beeps and the coffee was made! This coffee is one of the most fresh coffee I have had. It has a super smooth creamy flavor and I know grinding the coffee myself makes a big difference! I will now buy whole bean coffee from here on out! and more coffee from Bodhi Leaf! img_6075I also love the Red Beard touch inside the bag, this is the founder of Bodhi Leaf, Steve Sims.

So Cheers to the great coffee this company has!

And cheers to getting through the long day of school that myself and my fellow students may have!

Study long and study strong!

Peace out Girl Scouts!

❤ E. Little

img_6081(This is my, Seriously, Seriously (from Greys Anatomy when George didn’t buy Izzy or Mer the tampons becasue HE IS A MAN) look because I am seriously drinking such great coffee.)



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