a message for all.

Todays message.

I found this video a long time ago and when I thought of what todays song of the day should be, I thought this one would be perfect.


So many people sent in their videos to have their voices heard and I don’t know about you, but I sure heard them. Did you find yourself answering the questions that they were asking?

  • Who do you love? My family, my friends, I love my life the good and the bad, because I wouldn’t be who I am without it.
  • What do you hate? Negativity. This world is full of so much hate and that is why we can’t find peace.
  • Do you love yourself? I love every bit of myself, and I love all of you.
  • What do you look forward to in your life? I look forward to building a family with my husband, I look forward to seeing all the different parts and cultures of the world, I look forward to finding the positivity in everything that the world offers me.

What are your dreams? What are you scared of? Do you feel?…

What stood out to me is when the girl said she hated not having options or freedom. So many people talk about how so much of the world has freedom, but forget about the countries that still don’t have freedom. Some people wish for big houses and fancy cars, but we all need remember that there are some people in the world that just want to live their own lives.

I feel so proud of the people who came out and spoke what hurts them, what they are scared to do, what they hate. I also love the honesty of what they are ashamed of, what they did or said about other people. I can say that there are some things I am not proud and I have taken a pledge myself, to be the bigger person and not let the small things get to me.

I don’t want people to bring up politics, I don’t want to overstep my boundaries or create arguments, I just want to remind people to be thankful for what they do have in their lives. And if you don’t like the life you are living or the people in it, you have the power to change it, you have the power to make your dreams come true.

Go find love, go find what you love in life, go live your life.

I love hearing about people’s dreams and passion. What are yours?

What did you take out of the video? I would love to know your thoughts.

As always, “Be you, be true.”

E. Little



Germs, Coffee, Music oh my.

Good Monday Morning,

The past couple of days I have felt under the weather. No severe symptoms besides a sore throat, sinus drainage and I can’t keep my eyes open to save my life. My immune system must know I have a busy school week and is fighting whatever germs I got ahold of. One of my mottos it “In order to feel good, you got to look good.” So I put my make up on and brushed my hair! I also put on my colored chapstick for a little pop.img_6526I am in for a long week, I have 2 test today, I close the restaurant tomorrow, have a full day at school Wednesday and work the rest of the week. I feel like I have so much to do in so little time! EKK! Thank goodness I caught up on all my laundry last night and cleaned up my apartment, by the end of the week it starts looking pretty rugged, can anyone else relate?

To start off my week, I am drinking my favorite Door County Coffee, UGH SO GOOD. I talked to my mom this weekend and she told me that is was super warm for them in northern Wisconsin. On Saturday, It was actually cooler here in Phoenix then it was there. WERID! But the coolness only lasted the weekend as we are in the high 90s for the week, what a bummer. So I am drinking some Autumn Spice to keep my fall cheer alive!img_6550 I got so excited when I read the description of the flavor! “The perfect coffee for cinnamon lovers! Cinnamon is the spice!” I’m a cinnamon lover! ME! Gosh it taste so good too! Did I ever tell you guys that when I open a new bag of coffee, I always have to smell it? Weird? TMI? Eh, well its true, I feel like my sinuses need the wake up call too! It has the perfect smell of cinnamon and coffee together! If you like cinnamon as much as I do check out their site! Get a bag, I recommend at least 2 bags because coffee seems to go by fast in my house!


Well I hope you all survive your own Monday, I know I might need to pick up a bottle of wine after school!

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Oh and because I know you are starting to like this song of the day trend so here you go I hope you like ABBA! (Click ABBA to play)

Peace out my Hippies

Don’t forget, “Be you, be true.” ~ E.Little ©






Something fun.

Good day my fellow readers! I see a lot of “Get to know me” posts when I am scrolling through the people I follow, and I think they look like fun so I wanted to do one myself. My mind thought where should I get the questions from? Pretending like I don’t know any of you (well I actually don’t know a lot of my readers, but comment on my post and maybe we can get to know each other 🙂 ) what is the most common way people get to know each other? Then it clicked, FIRST DATES. I personally go on many dates, but not first ones, however I do see a lot of them at my work! So naturally I googled “First date Questions”, and eHarmony popped up, other blogging sites and then the site I choose to get my questions from, Cosmopolitan.


So lets pretend that we are on a date, or a social outing! Most likely getting a cup of coffee, because that is what I am drinking right now and let’s get to know each other!

  1. If you could travel anywhere, right now, where would you go? – Right now I would say, Ireland, to see all the castles! and the green, they have awesome accents too! If you asked me this in October, I would say Germany for Oktober Fest! For the love of Schnitzel!
  2. What’s something I wouldn’t guess about you? – My husband and I have a pet corn snake, Rusty, or so we thought, then Rusty started laying unfertilized eggs. So Rusty turned out to be a Rosie!img_6512
  3. Whats your dream job? – oooooo, I would love to do interior design, I love putting furniture together and color patterns. My apartment looks pretty nice for being 22 and not having a lot of money. It’s all about the savings and finding cool things here and there. img_5254
  4. If you didn’t have to work to support yourself, how would you spend your time? I would love to volunteer for the Humane Society, I love being with animals. I would read a lot too, spend lots of time outdoors and traveling. Oh and lots of yoga, I have never felt better since I started going to classes. 
  5. What appeals to you most about living here? – Honestly, If I wasn’t here for school, I probably wouldn’t be living here. I spent my whole life in this state, I am ready to learn something new. I would love to live somewhere cloudy and less hot, natural flowing water, GREEN with life all around. I hate that we go weeks without having a could in the sky, I am so sick of everything brown, and honestly the people aren’t very nice here. I am ready for something new. I am ready for an adventure. 
  6. What are your favorite TV shows?OH this will be fun, Greys Anatomy, Friends, That 70’s Show, Sherlock, GAME OF THRONES, Gossip Girl, Scandal, Daredevil, The Defenders (and all the other super hero shows that go along with it.) , Flash, Property Brothers, Gilmore Girls, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, I love Ellen, but never get to see her show because it’s on at a weird time of day. What do you like? I have a list of shows to watch when school is over again.
  7. What do you like to read? – I love to read anything that keeps my interest, fantasy, romantic novels, travel, mystery (crime solvers). If I finish it in one day you know its good! 
  8. Who has been the most influential person in your life? – Narrowing it down to one person would be very hard for me, I have love for everyone who has influenced me to become my own person. I have taken in all advise from all the people I have met in my life and used it, how I think is necessary. I love you all.
  9. Do you still keep in touch with childhood friends? – Hmm when you mean childhood, do you mean elementary school? I will assume yes, so then yes! Her name is Nicole and we have been friends since kindergarten, besides her I don’t talk to anyone, I went to a different school starting 7th grade so I lost touch. Ellies Wedding255
  10. What’s the most spontaneous thing you have ever done? Well my sister, mother and I made a spontaneous trip to Cali on weekend to go to this Cannon Camera workshop they have at the Carlsbad flower gardens. On the way there we were talking about how crazy it would be if we all came back with tattoos. Needless to say when we got to OB, we were walking through all their fun shops and passed by a tattoo shop and HECK we all got matching tattoos! (This is one of my favorite pictures of my sister and I)
  11. Can you tell me about your family? I have lots of family! Old, New and a ton that I am not even related to! I have like 3 sets of awesome parents, and LOTS of siblings, truly couldn’t be anymore thankful for who is in my life.
  12. Tell me about your friends? – “We carry sizes 1, 3, 5, you can try Sears.” ~Mean Girls. My closest friends and I quote mean girls all day long, have the best get togethers  and eat until we are blue in the face. I make friends everywhere I go, it drives my husband nuts sometimes because I have to talk to everyone. 
  13. What were you like as a child? – In my wee years, I was the only child, I lived a great life playing with the neighbors, I played sports, and I had my best friend by my side who was my sister by choice. We wore matching outfits and everything. Yes, its Nicole from the picture above. 
  14. Is there anything you are really passionate about? – I’m passionate about being true to myself, today people are so worried about impressing people, getting the most likes on social media, even if its them hurting themselves, or others. I think what we all need in this life is kindness and honesty, because we all lack so much of it. Be you, be true. 
  15. What is the worst pickup line you have ever heard or dished out? (I asked my husband’s help for this one.) – “How you doin’ “, We were watching Friends when I asked him and I said he couldn’t use that, but his response was cute, “Well I don’t pick up girls, but If I were to pick you up I would say, How you doin’, because I know what you like.” It was super cute in the moment. What can I say, I’m IN LOVE with my husband. joey

I glad we did this maybe we should do it again sometime!

Oh and I wanted to add that I actually learned to braid my own hair and it only took 22 years! It’s not perfect, I am still trying to figure out how to make the end tighter, but I will master it with practice!

I hope you guys all have such a great day!

“Be you, be true” E. Little

(Since I just made this up, I am copy writing. I can now be quoted.)

I love you all, Hippies.

img_6514(P.S. I finished writing this at night because I am so busy, and I asked Austin to bring me home dessert, and this is one of the reason why I married him because he knows how much I love red velvet! Ugh, such a good way to end my night!)

Lets talk!

Good Tuesday Morning my friends. It’s a warm day in the hood and I’m just trying to drink my festive coffee to keep happy thoughts that summer is officially over Friday the 22nd (google said so). You know I’m only drinking Door County Coffee, and todays brew is

Carmel Apple! Oh man when it was brewing it made my apartment smell so good!! Let me say it is one of those that smells the way it taste, AMAZING! I even paired it with, img_6460Some almond milk creamer! Wanna try it? Well this is the time because their coffee is 25% off until the 25th!


So take a look try it out! Get ready for fall!

Oh I was just checking out their website and I saw they are doing a Jamaican Me Crazy sale, which is super super super good! and totally speaks my mind in the morning before I have had my coffee.

My mug is totally speaking my mind today (I guess everything is speaking my mind today), I have work in a couple of minutes, I am going to the gym after and then my husband and I are having a huge study sesh. Lots to do and so little time, so we will need all the coffee in the world (evil laugh)! JK, no evil here, just positivity!

Oh, I wanted to mention the my husband and I watched King Arthur, the new one with the guy from Sons of Anarchy, and Little Finger from GOT, and WE LOVED IT! I love the different angles they shot in and the way it was edited. Awesome story line too, overall great film.

Well that all I have time for, I hope you all have positive Tuesday, (I’m feeling a word trend, POSITIVE, it’s a good word) SO BE POSITIVE!

Oh and here is my song of the day, YOUTUBE SOD


Alright talk you later Hippies.


It is approximately 40 minutes before I have to go to work and I AM TIRED! Yesterday was a long work day and today was a long mental work day. My hubby woke me up with some breakfast, a hot cup of coffee (it was Jamaican Me Crazy, by Door County Coffee) and sent me off to the gym. Since I got home I have been studying away for my A&P practical and Micro exam that I have on Monday, and I feel about 65% confident in the information. I am just not quite there, but with study snacks and another day of studying I am sure I will be 100%! Todays study snacks consisted of, img_6426img_6422Homemade peanut butter my mother in law made with apple slices, and some awesome black bean humus with some pretzel crackers! I also sipped on some matcha hot tea.

When I am siting at the table doing homework, most of the time my kitty sits on the chair next to me, but not today. img_6424She knows the weather is changing here in Phoenix, AZ because she won’t leave the window! It happened yesterday, I walked outside and I didn’t sweat walking to my car! Today, I actually rode to the gym with my windows down, granted it’s still 90 degrees, but going from 110 to 90 in a matter of a week really makes the difference! and at this moment my mother is sending me pictures of the trees changing in Wisconsin! TOTALLY JELLY! I love the change of weather in Phoenix, because then it is actually bearable living here, I love having the windows open and being able to do outside activities without sweating through my clothes. A couple of days ago, when I was doing my laundry, I swapped out my long sleeves and sweaters that are in the back of my closet and put them in easier reach. Even though I can’t wear them for another month and a half it makes me feel full inside.

Well that about all the time I had! Off to work with kombucha in hand!

I hope the rest of your Saturday is full with good food, and and much needed sleep!


E. Little

(I am watching some Gossip Girl, so I felt the need for the XOXO 😉 )

(The Feature Photo is what my mom sent me earlier when I was writting this)


Tequila Tuesday.

Good day my readers, I hope everyone had a fabulous day, my husband and I spent most of the day at our tiny kitchen table studying. Our plans were to pump some iron, but with our stomachs empty and our minds full, so we decided to go to happy hour. I know, maybe a bad decision, but it is the only day that my husband and I have off work and school this week so we decided to get our grub on with some munchies and happy hour drinks. When we got to the restaurant, at the host stand there was a box of crayons with a message attached.  img_6383My heart melted. Sydney, I hope you achieve your goal and help brighten all those kids day, and if I had crayons, I would put them in the box.

We had some good munchies and a couple of drinks and it came to our minds that we haven’t made margaritas all summer long! It is truly unlike us, only because it is our favorite drink.

So we headed to the store and picked up the stuff to make it! My husband wanted fancy margaritas so we got extra mixin’s. Unfortunately, when I got home I realized instead of getting cilantro I pick up a bunch of parsley (I know, who am I right? It was the pre-drinks that had parsley looking like cilantro.) so we settle for just strawberry since neither one of us was going back to the store, img_6393img_6398img_6396This was a new tequila that they had at the store. I don’t know what it is called because there is no name anywhere on the bottle so I am just calling it the Dirty D, because it sure does sneak up on you. Usually, we mix in Triple Sec in our margs, but today we settled for the agave nectar that I had in the pantry.

How I did it: I poured in about 2 shots of tequila (maybe more, depends on how much fun you want to have) a tablespoon of the nectar, a squeeze of some limes and 2 berries. Then muddle! After just pour in the mix and you are good to go! I like margaritas because they are super simple to whip together. I would like to mention that this is my favorite mix. I have tried SO MANY and what I didn’t like about most is they usually have a very sour flavor. I know, and yes the margarita taste better than it looks!

I would also like to say, DAMN, this Dirty D tequila is smooth. 😉

I hope your tomorrow is filled with brightness!

Cheers my Hippies!


She likes to bother me when I am writting so I feel the need to add her. 



A little of everything!

Good morning Hippies! Its Friday, which typically means for most of you out there your weekend is in a few short hours! Hooray! For me I have coffee in hand ready to start my work weekend and if I’m not working I’ll be studying because I have a my first big exam Monday!

img_6367Last night I went to late night yoga, and I decided I love going at night because I can stay asleep through the night (which is really big for me) and I wake up super refreshed. I also decided that I need to get a better yoga mat for 2 reasons.

  1. I tend to get super clammy on my hands and feet and start to feel myself sliding in the middle of a pose.
  2. I need a mat with support for when we do poses that focus on balancing on the lower back, because I tend to be very sore the next day in that spot.

So any weirdo that likes yoga out there like myself that has a good recommendation on a good mat, LET ME KNOW!

Yes, I did mention I was drinking coffee, thanks for asking! Of course, always on a Friday I am drinking my fav, Door County Coffee and this morning I tried one I haven’t had yet. img_6359img_6361

Cranberry Orange Muffin! And it’s actually really tasty (when I typed this I had my Aunt Angie’s voice in my head “and it realllly tasty,” I LOVE YOU)! And I am drinking it in my Keep Calm, Be Happy Happy Happy mug, because I have the pleasure of working a double today. As if (AS IF, repeating myself because my girlfriends and I would really emphasize it and would probably keep repeating ourselves. I LOVE YOU GIRLS TOO) I don’t talk about this coffee enough, now is the time to try their awesome flavors because who doesn’t love the taste of fall!


Oh, thanks for reminding me, I did say I would share with you how my breakfast plans went on my anniversary! img_6269-2img_6261img_6265-2img_6249Mimosa’s! Coffee Cake! Strawberries! Oh My! We seriously has the greatest day ever! We went through 2 bottle of champagne in the morning alone! and spent the whole morning enjoying ourselves! I would share the coffee cake recipe, but it isn’t mine to share, it did turn out so great though! I was worried that the cake would be too dry, but it wasn’t and was even still pretty moist the next day! Oh the flowers you say? Yes, my wonderful husband knows how much I love sunflowers and got me this cute arrangement. He saw it and told me it screamed Ellie. Which I would say it 100% does! Later we went to an italian place called Brio Tuscan Grill, and it was FANTASTIC!


This is the Peach Sangria I had.

We sat up at the bar and had a couple rounds of drinks and enjoyed the conversation we had with our bartender. Our bartender was talking to another couple that sat at the end of the bar and told them it was out first marriage anniversary and they bought us a round of drinks. KINDNESS! Then she proceed to bring us dessert on her to celebrate! Can I just say we had such a wonderful experience!


Creme Brûlée

We had awesome appetizers and shared a entrée as well, and even the manager came out to wish us a happy anniversary too! Needless to say we will be going back just because of the awesome service! THANK YOU!

Writing this post, I realize how much I am surrounded by love and it just lifts my heart. I love my family, I love my friends and I love meeting new people who spread kindness, not because they have to, but because it is just who they are.

So lift your mugs,

Cheers to all the loved ones in our lives,

Cheers to great food,

Cheers to stong coffee to get us though our Friday,

And Cheers to spreading the kindness from deep in our hearts hoping to put a smile on someones face.

Peace out my Hippies.

The one picture I got of us on our special day.