Last year today..

September 5, 2016. The day after our best day ever, was probably our second best day ever. We got to spend the whole day together, hanging around Cottonwood, AZ and then also drove up the interstate to Sedona for some hiking. We found this really cool trail that had super awesome views! img_6312img_6313img_6309img_6310

This was the Fay Canyon Trail End- It was super easy, but it had some of the most beautiful views and super pretty red rocks. We climbed to the tallest part of the mountain that we could to get this picture. We saw that their were a couple more trails around this area, but we got a late start this day so we didn’t get to check them out. It is however, on our list for the next time we go! The best part about this trail is that you didn’t need to drive through the heavy traffic in town!

It was getting late in the afternoon so we decided to head back for a shower and get some food. We ate at most of the restaurants down Main St, Cottonwood and this one just really hit the spot. Pizzeria Bocce, had everything from awesome appetizers to flippin’ good drinks! I got the Prosecco Sangria which was to die for and Austin got one of the craft beers they had on draft. img_6296

My husband had a new recent love for ceviche at the time, so when he saw they offered a Mediterranean Ceviche on their menu he just had to have it and let me say it was good!img_6294\

I love food art, and they definitely do a good job making their food look spectacular! This dish was so fresh with the basil and cucumbers, we almost ordered another! The server we had, who was awesome, mentioned they had a pizza that was on special that night so we decided to give it a whirl, I think it is safe to say that it didn’t disappoint! img_6295

Fresh cheese, tomatoes, arugula, basil, balsamic glaze, and I wish I remembered what else was on it, but I know we now have a love for balsamic glaze on our pizza! We cannot wait to go back and try out the rest of their menu. And for dessert you ask??img_6311

More drinks because you can’t just have one especially when we were one building over from our hotel! I just loved this sangria because of how fresh and crisp it was!

If you are ever coming to visit Arizona, stop in Sedona to see all the pretty red rocks, go on Main St, Cottonwood for some grub and then drive up to Jerome and see if you find yourself a ghost! It’s a fun weekend trip! and stay at the Iron Horse Inn in Cottonwood, it is a cute little hotel that has the best hospitality and some super comfy beds!

Thanks for letting me share my wonderful memories with you!

Peace out Girl Scouts.

E. Little

This was from our hike. Yes, we are always this happy!

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