Sour taste in my mouth.

A couple of days ago, my husband and I went out for dinner on our anniversary and had such a great time, until someone ruined the moment for us. I was trying not to dread on the situation, but I had a bad dream about the incident so I feel I need to talk about it.

We went to a restaurant that we haven’t been to before and I’m glad we decided to try something new! We are happy hour people (honestly who isn’t?) and this place only offered happy hour in the bar so that’s where we sat. All the tables around the bar were taken, so we sat up at the bar top and it was nice because we were the only ones at the time. The Bartenders were awesome and gave us the greatest service we have ever had. With my husband and myself being in the restaurant industry we notice a lot of things that normal people don’t, so when we say we got great service we mean it.  We started off with drinks and a couple appetizers and had lots of conversation with the bartender, she was super sweet. She checked out ID’s and noticed that we have the same last name and asked how long we have been married. I explained, that we were celebrating our first year being married and she was so excited for us. The night carried on and more people sat at the bar and she told us the couple on the far end were celebrating their 41st anniversary and wanted to buy us a round of drinks. Kindness. That is what those people were. Then the bartender went on to tell us that she was getting us Creme Brûlée for dessert on her. Can I just say we met the nicest people.

Then, some man came up to the bar looking for his Togo order. The bartender that was helping us greeted the man and told him it should be a few more minutes, the other bartender had his ticket and went to go package his items. A couple of minutes went by and our bartender came back with the dessert she got for us and wished us all the happiness, being super thoughtful. We started digging in our dessert and the man went to the host stand asking where his food was, harassing her, so she went to the bartenders and got the manager. Our Bartender went up to the man and told him it should only be a few more minutes, the manager came up with her and went to shake the man’s hand. He wouldn’t shake it, he just asked, “So are you the manager, because I don’t want to talk to her about the problem, I need to talk to you.” the manager was trying to keep cool and said “alright sir, I am aware..” and just like that the man cuts him off and says, “No, you listen to me, I placed this order online and it said 6pm pick up, I have been waiting for 10 minutes, this is completely unacceptable.” The manager tries to agree with him but the man just cuts him off and keeps on rambling (at this point Austin and I can’t help, but stare.) “No, I said you need to listen to me. I have a flight leaving the Scottsdale airport at 6:30 so I scheduled to have my food picked up at 6. No one knows where my food is…” Going on and on about how their service is terrible and because of them his life is pretty much ruined. He also mentioned that our bartender had enough time to give us our dessert and that is when I about lost it.


  1. We see this all the time doing what we do. The manager did a good job keeping his cool.
  2. My wonder is how do these people feel okay with themselves at the end of the day making other people around them like scum, just because they think they have the upper hand. I would feel physically ill.
  3. You say you have a fight out of the Scottsdale Airport (which means he has money), so why don’t you have it delivered to you?
  4. If you think you would run late, wouldn’t you want to order food earlier?
  5. Are you embarrassed? because my husband and I just staring you down, and are judging you for the words coming out of your mouth.
  6. Can you see how happy everyone else is around you? Yes, SIR you are killing the vibe!
  7. Gosh, he is trash talking on our bartender just because she is the one who greeted him. She doesn’t even have his order, nor is she responsible for it.
  8. Oh yeah, you have a flight leaving the airport at 6:30, but you sure have a lot of time to complain.
  9. Yes, servers, bartenders, bussers, expos and managers are people too!

We then asked for the check because this man just ruined the awesome vibe we were having and just gave us the biggest buzz kill. We work and see unhappy people all the time, we really didn’t want to see it on a special day for us. And it truly hurt my feelings when this grouchy man had to put us in the middle of it to better himself.

The end result in this whole “problem” was he didn’t have to pay a DIME. Yep. and this places wasn’t cheep either.

I was very proud of myself and my husband for biting out tongues, many would think, why would you say anything in the first place? But he did bring us up in the conversation and wanted us to hear him. That is rude and disrespectful. I just wanted to whisper to him “Thanks for putting us down on our anniversary” just to maybe make him feel bad, but karma comes around. And with the way he acted, like a 3-year-old, it will come back to him.

After this whole situation, we walked out of the establishment and my heart stopped because we didn’t walk over to the couple and tell them thank you for the drinks, and wish them happy anniversary too. So if they are out in this world and reading this, THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU! And thank you to the manager that came to deliver our food and wish us a happy anniversary as well!

Thank you my fellow friends for letting me vent on this situation.

And here’s a picture of my cat to lighten the mood as I am writing this. img_6333She just had to find the smallest place to get comfy.

I love you all my hippies! and remember to spread kindness, there is so much hate in this world, that with the smallest change we can create a big wave to change the world.

Peace out my Girl Scouts.

One thought on “Sour taste in my mouth.

  1. When I worked in parts, would see this all the time. It was my fault the part was discontinued, two days out or cost how much. By the time I retired I was not to friendly to this kind person. But that’s why you retire.


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