A little of everything!

Good morning Hippies! Its Friday, which typically means for most of you out there your weekend is in a few short hours! Hooray! For me I have coffee in hand ready to start my work weekend and if I’m not working I’ll be studying because I have a my first big exam Monday!

img_6367Last night I went to late night yoga, and I decided I love going at night because I can stay asleep through the night (which is really big for me) and I wake up super refreshed. I also decided that I need to get a better yoga mat for 2 reasons.

  1. I tend to get super clammy on my hands and feet and start to feel myself sliding in the middle of a pose.
  2. I need a mat with support for when we do poses that focus on balancing on the lower back, because I tend to be very sore the next day in that spot.

So any weirdo that likes yoga out there like myself that has a good recommendation on a good mat, LET ME KNOW!

Yes, I did mention I was drinking coffee, thanks for asking! Of course, always on a Friday I am drinking my fav, Door County Coffee and this morning I tried one I haven’t had yet. img_6359img_6361

Cranberry Orange Muffin! And it’s actually really tasty (when I typed this I had my Aunt Angie’s voice in my head “and it realllly tasty,” I LOVE YOU)! And I am drinking it in my Keep Calm, Be Happy Happy Happy mug, because I have the pleasure of working a double today. As if (AS IF, repeating myself because my girlfriends and I would really emphasize it and would probably keep repeating ourselves. I LOVE YOU GIRLS TOO) I don’t talk about this coffee enough, now is the time to try their awesome flavors because who doesn’t love the taste of fall!


Oh, thanks for reminding me, I did say I would share with you how my breakfast plans went on my anniversary! img_6269-2img_6261img_6265-2img_6249Mimosa’s! Coffee Cake! Strawberries! Oh My! We seriously has the greatest day ever! We went through 2 bottle of champagne in the morning alone! and spent the whole morning enjoying ourselves! I would share the coffee cake recipe, but it isn’t mine to share, it did turn out so great though! I was worried that the cake would be too dry, but it wasn’t and was even still pretty moist the next day! Oh the flowers you say? Yes, my wonderful husband knows how much I love sunflowers and got me this cute arrangement. He saw it and told me it screamed Ellie. Which I would say it 100% does! Later we went to an italian place called Brio Tuscan Grill, and it was FANTASTIC!

This is the Peach Sangria I had.
We sat up at the bar and had a couple rounds of drinks and enjoyed the conversation we had with our bartender. Our bartender was talking to another couple that sat at the end of the bar and told them it was out first marriage anniversary and they bought us a round of drinks. KINDNESS! Then she proceed to bring us dessert on her to celebrate! Can I just say we had such a wonderful experience!

Creme Brûlée

We had awesome appetizers and shared a entrée as well, and even the manager came out to wish us a happy anniversary too! Needless to say we will be going back just because of the awesome service! THANK YOU!

Writing this post, I realize how much I am surrounded by love and it just lifts my heart. I love my family, I love my friends and I love meeting new people who spread kindness, not because they have to, but because it is just who they are.

So lift your mugs,

Cheers to all the loved ones in our lives,

Cheers to great food,

Cheers to stong coffee to get us though our Friday,

And Cheers to spreading the kindness from deep in our hearts hoping to put a smile on someones face.

Peace out my Hippies.

The one picture I got of us on our special day.

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