Tequila Tuesday.

Good day my readers, I hope everyone had a fabulous day, my husband and I spent most of the day at our tiny kitchen table studying. Our plans were to pump some iron, but with our stomachs empty and our minds full, so we decided to go to happy hour. I know, maybe a bad decision, but it is the only day that my husband and I have off work and school this week so we decided to get our grub on with some munchies and happy hour drinks. When we got to the restaurant, at the host stand there was a box of crayons with a message attached.  img_6383My heart melted. Sydney, I hope you achieve your goal and help brighten all those kids day, and if I had crayons, I would put them in the box.

We had some good munchies and a couple of drinks and it came to our minds that we haven’t made margaritas all summer long! It is truly unlike us, only because it is our favorite drink.

So we headed to the store and picked up the stuff to make it! My husband wanted fancy margaritas so we got extra mixin’s. Unfortunately, when I got home I realized instead of getting cilantro I pick up a bunch of parsley (I know, who am I right? It was the pre-drinks that had parsley looking like cilantro.) so we settle for just strawberry since neither one of us was going back to the store, img_6393img_6398img_6396This was a new tequila that they had at the store. I don’t know what it is called because there is no name anywhere on the bottle so I am just calling it the Dirty D, because it sure does sneak up on you. Usually, we mix in Triple Sec in our margs, but today we settled for the agave nectar that I had in the pantry.

How I did it: I poured in about 2 shots of tequila (maybe more, depends on how much fun you want to have) a tablespoon of the nectar, a squeeze of some limes and 2 berries. Then muddle! After just pour in the mix and you are good to go! I like margaritas because they are super simple to whip together. I would like to mention that this is my favorite mix. I have tried SO MANY and what I didn’t like about most is they usually have a very sour flavor. I know, and yes the margarita taste better than it looks!

I would also like to say, DAMN, this Dirty D tequila is smooth. 😉

I hope your tomorrow is filled with brightness!

Cheers my Hippies!

She likes to bother me when I am writting so I feel the need to add her. 



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