It is approximately 40 minutes before I have to go to work and I AM TIRED! Yesterday was a long work day and today was a long mental work day. My hubby woke me up with some breakfast, a hot cup of coffee (it was Jamaican Me Crazy, by Door County Coffee) and sent me off to the gym. Since I got home I have been studying away for my A&P practical and Micro exam that I have on Monday, and I feel about 65% confident in the information. I am just not quite there, but with study snacks and another day of studying I am sure I will be 100%! Todays study snacks consisted of, img_6426img_6422Homemade peanut butter my mother in law made with apple slices, and some awesome black bean humus with some pretzel crackers! I also sipped on some matcha hot tea.

When I am siting at the table doing homework, most of the time my kitty sits on the chair next to me, but not today. img_6424She knows the weather is changing here in Phoenix, AZ because she won’t leave the window! It happened yesterday, I walked outside and I didn’t sweat walking to my car! Today, I actually rode to the gym with my windows down, granted it’s still 90 degrees, but going from 110 to 90 in a matter of a week really makes the difference! and at this moment my mother is sending me pictures of the trees changing in Wisconsin! TOTALLY JELLY! I love the change of weather in Phoenix, because then it is actually bearable living here, I love having the windows open and being able to do outside activities without sweating through my clothes. A couple of days ago, when I was doing my laundry, I swapped out my long sleeves and sweaters that are in the back of my closet and put them in easier reach. Even though I can’t wear them for another month and a half it makes me feel full inside.

Well that about all the time I had! Off to work with kombucha in hand!

I hope the rest of your Saturday is full with good food, and and much needed sleep!


E. Little

(I am watching some Gossip Girl, so I felt the need for the XOXO 😉 )

(The Feature Photo is what my mom sent me earlier when I was writting this)


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