Lets talk!

Good Tuesday Morning my friends. It’s a warm day in the hood and I’m just trying to drink my festive coffee to keep happy thoughts that summer is officially over Friday the 22nd (google said so). You know I’m only drinking Door County Coffee, and todays brew is

Carmel Apple! Oh man when it was brewing it made my apartment smell so good!! Let me say it is one of those that smells the way it taste, AMAZING! I even paired it with, img_6460Some almond milk creamer! Wanna try it? Well this is the time because their coffee is 25% off until the 25th!


So take a look try it out! Get ready for fall!

Oh I was just checking out their website and I saw they are doing a Jamaican Me Crazy sale, which is super super super good! and totally speaks my mind in the morning before I have had my coffee.

My mug is totally speaking my mind today (I guess everything is speaking my mind today), I have work in a couple of minutes, I am going to the gym after and then my husband and I are having a huge study sesh. Lots to do and so little time, so we will need all the coffee in the world (evil laugh)! JK, no evil here, just positivity!

Oh, I wanted to mention the my husband and I watched King Arthur, the new one with the guy from Sons of Anarchy, and Little Finger from GOT, and WE LOVED IT! I love the different angles they shot in and the way it was edited. Awesome story line too, overall great film.

Well that all I have time for, I hope you all have positive Tuesday, (I’m feeling a word trend, POSITIVE, it’s a good word) SO BE POSITIVE!

Oh and here is my song of the day, YOUTUBE SOD


Alright talk you later Hippies.

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