Germs, Coffee, Music oh my.

Good Monday Morning,

The past couple of days I have felt under the weather. No severe symptoms besides a sore throat, sinus drainage and I can’t keep my eyes open to save my life. My immune system must know I have a busy school week and is fighting whatever germs I got ahold of. One of my mottos it “In order to feel good, you got to look good.” So I put my make up on and brushed my hair! I also put on my colored chapstick for a little pop.img_6526I am in for a long week, I have 2 test today, I close the restaurant tomorrow, have a full day at school Wednesday and work the rest of the week. I feel like I have so much to do in so little time! EKK! Thank goodness I caught up on all my laundry last night and cleaned up my apartment, by the end of the week it starts looking pretty rugged, can anyone else relate?

To start off my week, I am drinking my favorite Door County Coffee, UGH SO GOOD. I talked to my mom this weekend and she told me that is was super warm for them in northern Wisconsin. On Saturday, It was actually cooler here in Phoenix then it was there. WERID! But the coolness only lasted the weekend as we are in the high 90s for the week, what a bummer. So I am drinking some Autumn Spice to keep my fall cheer alive!img_6550 I got so excited when I read the description of the flavor! “The perfect coffee for cinnamon lovers! Cinnamon is the spice!” I’m a cinnamon lover! ME! Gosh it taste so good too! Did I ever tell you guys that when I open a new bag of coffee, I always have to smell it? Weird? TMI? Eh, well its true, I feel like my sinuses need the wake up call too! It has the perfect smell of cinnamon and coffee together! If you like cinnamon as much as I do check out their site! Get a bag, I recommend at least 2 bags because coffee seems to go by fast in my house!


Well I hope you all survive your own Monday, I know I might need to pick up a bottle of wine after school!

I also want to share my links for my social media pages for everyone to follow!




Oh and because I know you are starting to like this song of the day trend so here you go I hope you like ABBA! (Click ABBA to play)

Peace out my Hippies

Don’t forget, “Be you, be true.” ~ E.Little ©






3 thoughts on “Germs, Coffee, Music oh my.

  1. Good luck with your busy week Ellie! Hopefully Door County Coffee can help power you through the tests and your cold!

    Coffee Cheers!


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