Yoga and the Full Moon.

Tonight, I went to my late night yoga class at the gym with my favorite instructor. When we all got out mats out and siting cross legs, she went on telling us that typically on nights when it is a full moon, yogies don’t normally practice. She never really went into detail, but she said it would be best for us to more stretching and flow yoga, keep it lighter. This teacher gets more into advanced poses so it made me curious on why she wanted to take it easy.

img_6814( Like my 80’s pants? Yeah, me too)

We did do a lot of good stretching and did a flow of moon salutations which were really fun, I like knowing the routine and following the flow without having to look at the instructors to see if I am right. Then we ended with some twist stretching that really gave me relief in my lower back. We also did the goddess pose which was a new one for me!


Finally, after I got home I had to look up this yoga and full moon thing, I read a lot of different articles and I found some pretty interesting information. Full moons cause gravitational pull on water, with the body being made of mostly water the full moon tends to have a pull on us as well. In yoga, there is a lot of balancing and when there is a full moon out people who practice tend to lose their balance, concentration as the water in our bodies moving and we generally have a lot more energy. A wise person once said the freaks come out on a full moon ( honestly its true, work in a restaurant on a full moon and you will then have seen everything.).

Its always a good night when I learn something new!

Anything weird happen to you on your full moon? Tell me a story! (it’s almost my bed time)

Until next time,


E. Little


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