Thoughts in my head, Lets catch up!

Hi my friends, I know I have been not posting as much because I am constantly studying or at work. It makes me feel good that people have been asking me why the lack of writing, because that means they are enjoying my stories.

I recently celebrated my 23rd birthday and it was a blast! My husband and best friend took me to pottery painting place and I painted a Fruit bowl for my kitchen and it turned out better than I thought!

Nothin’ else is really new with me except the new age! Although, I have been cooking a lot and many bottles of wine were sacrificed. 🙂 I can’t wait for my semester to be over so I can finally bake, I have found a lot of recipes I want to try.

There is one thing I guess I did want to talk about. I want to remind everyone what my blog is about. I think this is one of the most weird times in life for people in my age group. Half of the people are moved out of their parents house, or are moving back in, some people have gotten their degree and others are just starting school, people are having kids, and some are just losing their virginities, people are traveling the world and others are working their lives away just to pay rent. We are all still trying to figure out who we are, and honestly I think we are doing this for the rest of our lives, seeing what we like and don’t like. I guess where I am going with this, the reason why I always talk about my age, my life and what I do is because I want to show people who are around my age that we can do anything we set our minds too. I get all the time, “Oh you make such fancy food,” in reality all I do is follow a recipe. We have all been taught to read instructions since grade school and if I see something that looks yummy I make it and if the recipe looks a little difficult I modify it the way that is easiest for me to cook it. Now that I have made so many recipes I can whip up something in a flash with whatever I have in the fridge. I also get all the time “Well you are married, so you have to cook all the time,” and that is not the case at all. I cook because I want us to be healthy and we can’t afford to go out and eat every night of the week. I also like encouraging people to go out of their comfort zone, like this summer I tried yoga for the first time and I ended up loving it, I also didn’t wear makeup for 30 days. In the end, I like to think of myself as a realistic blogger. I am a normal 23 year old that works 35 hours a week, and goes to school. I don’t have a fancy camera to take amazing pictures the food I make, I also don’t have all white plates and all white countertops to make it look perfect, I don’t have this super flexible body to do all the different yoga poses, I do have pimples ( especially when I have an exam). I live in a 900 square foot apartment and most everything I have is hammy downs or used and I am OK with that. I am more than okay with it because that is what makes me different then everyone else. It makes me unique. I think to sum everything up, we are all still learning, so why can’t we do it together?

Always remember “Be you, be true.”

Oh hey, stay tuned! I do have something exciting to share with you! Hint: It may have to do with coffee 🙂

E. Little your normal girl living the 23 year old dream.

p.s. Have any of you ever tried Lush? My mom sent me some face masks for my birthday and I love them! I will have to go get some more of their products because I am officially in love!

Also, I do post on instagram, Facebook and Twitter quite frequently so find me, I’m the Golden Hair Hippie ❤

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