Productive Sunday.

Good afternoon Friends!

I worked a double shift Thursday, Friday and Saturday so I am so happy to be home and getting things done around the house. My brother-in-law got me a vacuum for my birthday and so I had a hay day cleaning all the base boards and air vents today! I also cleaned out my fridge, washed and folded 4 loads of laundry, went to the store to get stuff to make dinner and now that my apartment looks and smells clean I am about to crack down on some studying for my exam I have in the morning. Yes, I know you are wondering how I still have energy, but the answer is quite simple! I was drinking my Door County Coffee all day!

img_7556It’s truly such a good flavor and made my apartment smell like Christmas! I talked to my mom today and she says its super cold in Wisconsin and I told her my thermostat says that it is 82. I refuse to turn my AC back on because it’s the middle of November! That being said, I will sit on my couch and drink my Wisconsin coffee pretending that it is 40 degrees instead of 82. Do you live somewhere like me, and don’t get to really experience a “Fall” or “Winter”? Well, Door County Coffee is 30% off everything right now! So if you want to pretend that it is snowing outside like me and need help keeping your holiday spirit, Door County Coffee will send you a box full of magic to keep your spirits alive. And if you spend over $49 then you will get free shipping! Don’t forget to use the code Holiday30 before November 28th for the savings of the season.


Well I better get to that studying I need to do, and stay tuned for the recipe I make tonight! I have a feeling it is going to be great!

Have a good night my Hippies ❤

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