Late night thought..

*Typed last night*

I’m sitting here writing this, going a little crazy in my head. I have “Gilmore Girls” on for some background noise and I was reading my book, but my eyes couldn’t seem to focus on the words so I put it down. I got to thinking I only have this week and next week left of my winter break! Holy cow time went fast. I found my school books I need this semester on Amazon, added them to the cart so after I work this week I can buy them. Then I found myself looking around my bedroom, trying to find something to organize, clean or do. I deep cleaned our whole apartment this morning so I truly don’t need to do anything, heck I am even sitting on our made bed! I am going kinda stir crazy because my body feels like I need to do something and my mind can’t shut off. For the first time, I can just lay in bed and watch TV, but I can’t. So I thought I would talk about one of my “flaws” is what I would call it. This is one of the reason why I like going to yoga, because it helps me shut off my mind and focus on myself, putting my energy into clearing my mind. I think people focus so much on their physical health that they forget about their mental health as well, I know I do. I talk about eating healthy all the time going to the gym as much as possible, but my problem is telling myself that I don’t need to do anything, to let my brain relax. I already have my school books picked out for cryin’ out loud! So this is one of my New Year’s resolutions, to focus on not doing anything and letting my mind and body rest. Kinda opposite then most resolutions, but this is a different kind of healthy resolution.

I do have a project I want to finish before the break is over, my collection of wine corks is getting a little out of control, and I want to find a really cool frame to make a collage out of them, but I am just on the hunt for the perfect frame! I went to 2 Goodwills today, but didn’t see anything worth getting so on Wednesday I’ll have to check out a couple more.

I also plan on going on a hot date with my Husband before break is over, I got a fancy dress that has been dying to go out for some cocktails and good munchies.

Alright no more late night thoughts, I feel tired enough to close my eyes now,

Sweet dreams my Wildflowers.

E. Little

(This is my thinking face)

2 thoughts on “Late night thought..

  1. Exactly! A realized I often can’t relax, because my thoughts are all over the place and I’m concentrating more on what else I need to do than on the actual relaxing. I think I’m gonna follow your lead and put this into my resolutions as well. Thank you! xx


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