Feeling Nutty!

Nut job here! This past week has been SO BUSY, I worked so much, I did a lot of school work and it was only the first week back at school! With being so busy I am so happy that I have my Door County Coffee by my side in time of need. They brought back one of the greatest flavors, Peanut Butter Crunch! img_0912This taste just like a peanut butter cookie! Seriously who doesn’t love a good peanut butter cookie!? Or peanut butter!? Don’t answer that because I don’t know if I can handle someone not liking peanut butter.. You see the Food Pyramid of Ellie contains, fruits, cookies, coffee, and PEANUT BUTTER. It’s a way of life! You want to try this awesome coffee to?! I knew it, well today and tomorrow (January 23-24) Door County Coffee is having a sale, 25% off your Peanut Butter Crunch order! and if you are one of the few that doesn’t like peanut butter there is 10% off all other coffee! AANNDD if you fill up your cart with a bunch of awesome goodies that equal $35, you’ll get free shipping! So get that Crunch and start your day off right! CLICK HERE FOR YOUR COFFEE FIX

I take Tuesdays off work for school and lucky me, my chem lab got out early today so my cat and I are hanging out, doing homework and relaxing our minds. Like I said, Nut Job here! I wasn’t kidding after this whirl of a weekend, I just wanted to sit down and catch up on Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal so that’s what my feline and I are doing. Then after I finished those, I decided it was time to start This Is Us, and I am hooked, even my husband started watching them me so that must mean something!

Well I am officially going to start my homework and think about making something to eat, so this is a see you later!

Have a good night my hippies ❤

Sweet Dreams.


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