New experiences, free soul.

This past week has been a whirl wind. Work sucked, school was manageable, and my mind has been going 500 mph. A motto of mine has always been remember to never let the bad keep you down, but sometimes it is hard to find fresh air or the light at the end of the tunnel. Well I happy to say, I’m am feeling the light and its amazing!

My husband and I canceled our gym membership to save money and since he is in the schools fire academy, he works out 4 days a week. The only reason why I liked having the gym membership was for yoga practice, but my schedule doesn’t match the gyms so we pulled the plug.

Arizona weather right now is warm, sunny and what I call perfect hiking weather. So that is what I have been doing. img_1009img_0997img_1005This is the desert that I live in. It’s really dry, but I will have to say I live in the prettiest part of North Phoenix. Less crowded, less noise and more beauty. When spring is here the desert is full of all the most beautiful wildflowers, which is my favorite. I love hiking this trail. So now I am doing this in replace of going to the gym, and I LOVE IT. I love being outside, losing myself to the wind pulling me in different directions, hearing the nature around me and getting lost in the dirt.

On January 31, 2018 I did something completely spontaneous. My dear friend was attending a full moon drum circle on top of a mountain in the middle of the city. I was scheduled to work that night, but luckily someone picked up my shift giving me the sign that I needed to go. This was such an unforgettable experience, so many people coming together for a FREE event to empower ourselves and let go all of the negative energy consuming us. My friend and I arrived early and had such great conversation, exploring the hiking trails.

When it was time to head to the top of the mountain, my friend being the free spirit he is was singing most of the way up, I couldn’t imagine doing this with any other person. He also saged me, cleansing my soul and getting rid of ALL my negative thoughts, energy, and feelings.




I loved seeing all the children on the mountain too, I found so much joy seeing all the kids shaking maracas, beating on the drums, their pure spirits enjoying every moment. The people who hosted this event were AMAZING , pulling the crowd together, creating all these magical sounds. We played until our hearts were full of positive energy and waited for the full moon to rise.img_1049img_1069img_1063img_1076img_1073img_1084img_1044

Seeing the moon rise was uplifting and being surrounded by these amazing people made it that much better.

I now want to go every full moon, do this for myself, be present.

Stay radiant my hippies,

E. Little


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