Patiently Waiting For My Fan Girl Moment.

This Saturday is going to be the best Saturday there ever was. My best friend is driving down from Flagstaff and my husband has off school because of the holiday, and we are going to a concert that we have been so excited for! Now, it may be Miranda Lambert’s concert, but we are really going for Jon Pardi. I have been a Pardi fan for a few years now and I love watching him grow and perform, now I sound like one of those creepy stalker fan girls, but the truth is I just love his music. Country music these days sounds like bad rap/pop music threw up all over it and I personally don’t like it. Pardi keeps the traditional country music alive!

My husband, best friend and I, love him. Let me just say, my husband likes select few country artist, and the fact that he will sing along to Jon Pardi’s music must mean it’s good! “Head Over Boots” was the song we chose to dance to at our wedding, and even though we are not good dancers, it was still a memory to remember.

img_2279img_2164 We have a really pure love, Highschool sweethearts and have been together since September 4, 2011, still going strong and now married. Our love is endless and just wanted to let Jon Pardi know that IF he were to ever read this, that he is apart of our love story. One of my favorite memories is, one night we went our to one of our favorite restaurants to get some margaritas and I was unable to drive home so my husband drove us and my favorite Jon Pardi song “When I’ve Been Drinking” came on. We were pulling into our apartment complex and instead of driving to our building, he drove in endless circles around the planters that separate the two sides of the road so I could listen to the song. Have I said how much I love this man? Well, I do.

So Jon Pardi, I know you have a very limited amount of time to sing, but if by chance you sing “Head Over Boots” just give us a shout out! We are Austin and Ellie Little. Or just say “This is for the Little’s!” I will know what you are talking about and that will give me my “Fan Girl” moment that I have been patiently waiting for. Also this is my husbands first concert so no pressure 😉

Alright, now you all know my biggest secret, SHARE IT, how is Jon Pardi going to see this if we don’t get his attention!

Fan Girl Love,

Ellie Little


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