From my home, to yours.

So I finally got in the holiday spirit and put up my Christmas Tree! Today was a cooler day in the Phoenix area and I couldn’t have been happier! So when I got home from work yesterday, I made a special pot of coffee and when out in our storage closet to get out the Christmas decorations! img_7746

Naturally I thought we needed some Candy Cane coffee to get some Holiday pep in our bodies! When it was brewing the aroma of peppermint filled our apartment and my heart leaped with joy! I just knew I wouldn’t be able to suffer fluffing my tree limb for limb without my Door County Coffee in my hand!


I fluffed and I fluffed and my tree came out so beautiful!


For the longest time, I had a tree with white lights and since my wonderful cat loved laying on the bottom layer branches the tree was ruined so my husband bought me a new tree. I told him I wanted one with the big colorful bulbs and honestly I love this tree so much more than my other one. I think white lights look timeless and look good with whatever decorations you put on them, but a colorful tree is just so much fun. What do like?

I will have to admit I am not really religious, I believe in a lot of things, but I love celebrating Christmas because it is the one time of year that we can take a break from our hectic lives and celebrate our love from our families and friends. It is the one time of year people are giving, I don’t mean by gifts, but just by showing kindness to others.


My mom gave me this ornament when I moved out and it is my favorite. I consider my tree a Peace tree, a symbol for kindness, love and celebration of our lives.


We do have stockings too, mainly to fill them with candy, actually to only fill them with candy.


And I can’t forget about Elroy, the packer Elf on the Shelf that hangs from our lamp, he’s making sure that we earn our candy 🙂

What are your Holiday traditions? Throughout the season I bake 12 types cookies, different candies and an assortment of sweet treats to share with all my friends. They are my favorite gift to give because I make them with love ❤

I love seeing what everyone’s trees look like because they are all unique to their family’s, so post a picture of your tree on this Facebook link and share how you like to decorate it!

I hope you are all having a good start to the holiday season, however you celebrate it!

Cheerful Hippie, signing off.

Productive Sunday.

Good afternoon Friends!

I worked a double shift Thursday, Friday and Saturday so I am so happy to be home and getting things done around the house. My brother-in-law got me a vacuum for my birthday and so I had a hay day cleaning all the base boards and air vents today! I also cleaned out my fridge, washed and folded 4 loads of laundry, went to the store to get stuff to make dinner and now that my apartment looks and smells clean I am about to crack down on some studying for my exam I have in the morning. Yes, I know you are wondering how I still have energy, but the answer is quite simple! I was drinking my Door County Coffee all day!

img_7556It’s truly such a good flavor and made my apartment smell like Christmas! I talked to my mom today and she says its super cold in Wisconsin and I told her my thermostat says that it is 82. I refuse to turn my AC back on because it’s the middle of November! That being said, I will sit on my couch and drink my Wisconsin coffee pretending that it is 40 degrees instead of 82. Do you live somewhere like me, and don’t get to really experience a “Fall” or “Winter”? Well, Door County Coffee is 30% off everything right now! So if you want to pretend that it is snowing outside like me and need help keeping your holiday spirit, Door County Coffee will send you a box full of magic to keep your spirits alive. And if you spend over $49 then you will get free shipping! Don’t forget to use the code Holiday30 before November 28th for the savings of the season.


Well I better get to that studying I need to do, and stay tuned for the recipe I make tonight! I have a feeling it is going to be great!

Have a good night my Hippies ❤

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Spread the Cheer!

img_7433Good morning friends, its Friday! And I heard my first Hot Air Balloon this morning which means its going to be a good day! When the weather finally cools off every morning I will seriously JUMP out of my bed when I hear them turning on the gas to get heat going and go watch the balloons go right over our apartment. There will sometimes be over 7 of them right above my head. I have serious love for the Hot Air Balloons, I’ll have to tell you the story another time.

Most Fridays I work a double so I’m getting my coffee fix! And this morning I am drinking my favorite Door County Coffee from Wisconsin! The days here in Phoenix, AZ are still pretty warm so its nice having some holiday spirit in my cup. They always have a good selection around Christmas time and my ALL TIME FAVORITE is img_7445Gingerbread Spice Latte! What is kinda funny about the picture is my cup looks empty, but I drank my coffee so fast before I even took the picture, silly me, I guess I got too excited. They have so many good flavors right now its hard not to have them all! img_7441Starting today they are doing 30% of your entire order and if you spend over $49 you get free shipping too! Talk about a great deal! All you have to do it use the code Holiday30. The best part is this sale is going in until the NOVEMBER 28th so there is plenty of time to shop!! Now let me give you a couple of ideas why you need to buy this coffee, have a work Christmas party coming up? They have this set in the picture available to get and I’m sure your coworkers would love it! Is your offspring going to college next semester? I am POSITIVE they would love some coffee for those all nighters (I know I would)! Are you the person that goes Christmas shopping and then see something you like and get it for yourself? I know you’ll love this coffee too, and hey how are you going to finish your Christmas shopping without a little pep anyway?! I am good at justifying anything 😉 img_7454So get some Door County Coffee in your cup, your soul needs it! (this is when I refilled my cup 🙂 )


Well I hope you all have an amazing Friday and a good start to your weekend! Don’t forget to check out Door County Coffee’s website and find something you like!

img_7450(This is my “I know you want it face”)

Good Day my Hippies!

That thing you want to try.

Good morning my hippies,

You know those videos that you see on Facebook of people making the super awesome looking food, and it’s always when you are laying in bed about to go to sleep? Well this situation happened to me 2 nights ago! It was a super awesome breakfast that looked fast, easy and lucky for me I had everything to make it so I told myself I would make it for breakfast that next morning.

I made it with a few complications, so I decided to try again this morning making it different from what the video showed.

WHAT YOU WILL NEED, or what you want to use yourself.

  1. About 3 eggs
  2. Deli ham
  3. Bread
  4. tomatoes
  5. Red onion
  6. jalapeno
  7. Pepper, I didn’t use salt because the ham is salty enough.
  8. Cheese, I used pepper-jack, but use what you like.
  9. Avocado


First chop up all your veggies and scramble you eggs!

Then heat up your pan on a medium heat. I find that using butter works best to help seal the bread on the pan.img_6819Then slice a hole out of your bread, now I like the bread I buy because I think it has great flavor, but for doing this to get a little bigger portion I would buy a bigger loaf, width wise. It will hold more veggies and for the veggies use whatever you like, mushrooms would be good!img_6821

img_6828 Now, I placed the bread and the veggies on the pan and I let it sit for maybe 45 seconds just to get the bread cooking then I added the eggs. This is where it gets super tricky, Go super slow pouring the eggs and only do a little at a time. You want the eggs to kinda cook on the bottom of the pan so they don’t seep out under the bread. After add the cheese and then the meat!

I left them more of a whole piece to make it more of a sandwich. Then place the piece of bread you cut out and put it on top. I let it sit for a while before I flipped it to really get the eggs cooked on the one side. img_6832I like my bread crispy so I let it get brown on the one side before I flipped it. I let sit on the other side for a while too. With the spatula I would press it into the pan, and get the uncooked egg to spill out and cook. I would continuously flip it in the pan until my gut told me it was cooked all the way. When its done I added some avocado and CHOWED!img_6833Seems weird, maybe, but oh man it is so delish! and its a little different from normal scrambled eggs.

And because its Friday, I decided to make my all time favorite Door County Coffee, PUMPKIN SPICE! img_6844I LOVE PUMPKIN SPICE!! They have the best flavored pumpkin spice coffee around! It reminds me when I made these Pumpkin Cream Cheese muffins last year, OMG they were so good, now I have to make them again. Get your coffee before the season is over!!!!

Because you know what is coming up soon?? PEPPERMINT COFFEE! So Savor the fall flavor while its here!

Well off to work I go! Happy Friday my Hippies!

E. Little

A little of everything!

Good morning Hippies! Its Friday, which typically means for most of you out there your weekend is in a few short hours! Hooray! For me I have coffee in hand ready to start my work weekend and if I’m not working I’ll be studying because I have a my first big exam Monday!

img_6367Last night I went to late night yoga, and I decided I love going at night because I can stay asleep through the night (which is really big for me) and I wake up super refreshed. I also decided that I need to get a better yoga mat for 2 reasons.

  1. I tend to get super clammy on my hands and feet and start to feel myself sliding in the middle of a pose.
  2. I need a mat with support for when we do poses that focus on balancing on the lower back, because I tend to be very sore the next day in that spot.

So any weirdo that likes yoga out there like myself that has a good recommendation on a good mat, LET ME KNOW!

Yes, I did mention I was drinking coffee, thanks for asking! Of course, always on a Friday I am drinking my fav, Door County Coffee and this morning I tried one I haven’t had yet. img_6359img_6361

Cranberry Orange Muffin! And it’s actually really tasty (when I typed this I had my Aunt Angie’s voice in my head “and it realllly tasty,” I LOVE YOU)! And I am drinking it in my Keep Calm, Be Happy Happy Happy mug, because I have the pleasure of working a double today. As if (AS IF, repeating myself because my girlfriends and I would really emphasize it and would probably keep repeating ourselves. I LOVE YOU GIRLS TOO) I don’t talk about this coffee enough, now is the time to try their awesome flavors because who doesn’t love the taste of fall!

Oh, thanks for reminding me, I did say I would share with you how my breakfast plans went on my anniversary! img_6269-2img_6261img_6265-2img_6249Mimosa’s! Coffee Cake! Strawberries! Oh My! We seriously has the greatest day ever! We went through 2 bottle of champagne in the morning alone! and spent the whole morning enjoying ourselves! I would share the coffee cake recipe, but it isn’t mine to share, it did turn out so great though! I was worried that the cake would be too dry, but it wasn’t and was even still pretty moist the next day! Oh the flowers you say? Yes, my wonderful husband knows how much I love sunflowers and got me this cute arrangement. He saw it and told me it screamed Ellie. Which I would say it 100% does! Later we went to an italian place called Brio Tuscan Grill, and it was FANTASTIC!


This is the Peach Sangria I had.

We sat up at the bar and had a couple rounds of drinks and enjoyed the conversation we had with our bartender. Our bartender was talking to another couple that sat at the end of the bar and told them it was out first marriage anniversary and they bought us a round of drinks. KINDNESS! Then she proceed to bring us dessert on her to celebrate! Can I just say we had such a wonderful experience!


Creme Brûlée

We had awesome appetizers and shared a entrée as well, and even the manager came out to wish us a happy anniversary too! Needless to say we will be going back just because of the awesome service! THANK YOU!

Writing this post, I realize how much I am surrounded by love and it just lifts my heart. I love my family, I love my friends and I love meeting new people who spread kindness, not because they have to, but because it is just who they are.

So lift your mugs,

Cheers to all the loved ones in our lives,

Cheers to great food,

Cheers to stong coffee to get us though our Friday,

And Cheers to spreading the kindness from deep in our hearts hoping to put a smile on someones face.

Peace out my Hippies.

The one picture I got of us on our special day.

Fall Coffee For All.


Yes you need to keep reading on how to win!

Happy Thursday my friends! I have a quick day at work today, then tonight I need to HIT THE BOOKS and get some good studying in so I start off the semester strong. Yesterday was kinda a drag for me, if you read my last post you would know why, also I wasn’t really feeling like myself so I am blaming it on the heat and being very dehydrated. But what brightened up my day even though I got home after sun down was seeing a special box that was delivered while I was at school! img_5919You know by now that this is my favorite coffee! Inside contained all of the awesome fall flavors they make! Its hard living in a city that doesn’t truly get all of the season, so what do I do to get in the season?

  1. I decorate. I love all things pumpkin, I especially love the decorative dish towels that have the season being celebrated.
  2. Candles, seasonal candles are DELISH! I want to walk in my apartment and be smacked in the face with apples and cinnamon! Hey its my home so it can smell however I want it too.
  3. NEVER FORGET THE COFFEE! That does include pumpkin spice! and 100% everything cinnamon!

So why am I using all caps?! YES, because my caffeine intake is effecting my body and because I AM SO EXCITED TO TRY ALL THE FALL FLAVORS FOR THE SEASON! This morning I am drinking the new flavor that just came out called the Wisconsin Harvest Blend.

When I drink this coffee all I can think about is Wisconsin when the leaves are changing and how my grandma will be making so many pies. Most times if we aren’t having hash for breakfast we are having one of twenty pies she whipped up the day before.

I love you Grandma Louise.

If you have never been to Wisconsin I recommend going sometime at the end of September or October. Sometimes the leaves aren’t even changing in September yet so its safer to go in October. With the sound of the wind blowing through the dried leaves and the crisp cold nights it will sure be an experience found in this wonderful state.

I think that is one of the reasons why I love this coffee because it comes from someplace so wonderful. In my mind Wisconsin= Family and that is what I experience when I interact with the business. The message is even on the box itself! img_5920The next time I go visit my family, my mom and I are definitely making a little road trip to Door County and the first stop will be Door County Coffee! Now I know you all have been waiting patiently to find out how to get entered in the giveaway. Well here’s how. First you like the Door County Coffee page on Facebook.

Next, You have to like my Facebook page,

Then, you most share this post on your own Facebook.

When you shared, comment on my link your favorite fall memory! I would like to know more about my readers and I love a good story!

What the prize you ask well is this isn’t the best giveaway I don’t know what is.


The Giveaway will be open for 48 hours!

So share and like away! Spread the love because today the world needs more love. If you don’t win, scroll through the website and buy couple samples to try, I wouldn’t rant and rave about this because its something to do, I preach this coffee because it is truly the most tasty coffee I have had!


It’s definitely a fan favorite in this house! My husband loves trying all the different flavors they have and gets excited opening a new bag! (Wanna know a weird secret? We like smelling the bag when we open it because it smells like magic!) Yes, coffee is magical. (See Erin, I told you he wakes up and he gets nose deep in the book.)

Now I would like to take the time to coffee toast, (please lift your mugs)

CHEERS, to a having a wonderful life even when things don’t go as planned.

CHEERS, to all of our loving family and friends far and near.

CHEERS, to this awesome Thursday morning as the day brings us many laughs and reminds us to be thankful for what we take for granted.

AND CHEERS, to awesome coffee as it forever keeps our perks and fills our souls with happiness!

Have a good Thursday my Girl Scouts.

And P.S. “May the odds ever be in your favor.” (I don’t know id this has a copyright if so it’s from Hunger Games! An awesome movie, but even better book.)



Frosting for Breakfast.

Good Late Morning!! My husband and I definitely slept in late today, but with summer coming to an end we need some extra sleep before school starts.

So you know that box I got in the mail yesterday? It was filled with my favorite thing in the world (besides my mom), DOOR COUNTY COFFEE! And guess what they have released a new flavor too!! img_5582Frosting on the CAKE!! Whats your favorite frosting? Buttercream? Whip cream (I don’t consider it real frosting, but people put it on their cake for some reason)? Personally, I love cream cheese frosting to the moon and back! My next favorite would be buttercream and this is what this coffee takes like! Oh some buttercream frosting on a cinnamon coffee cake just sounds so delightful. Alright back to the coffee, when I did wake up this morning, I jumped out of bed, got the coffee in the filter and stood by the coffee maker watching each drip of caffeinated goodness drop down into the pot. Some mornings I swear my coffee maker taunts me by taking FOREVER to brew the coffee ( it really takes the same amount of time every time I’m just being dramatic). Finally the coffee alarm went off, I poured the coffee in my new Door County Coffee mug, and burned my tongue with the delicious scolding hot coffee! I never regret burning my taste buds with truly terrific coffee. Especially coffee that taste like vanilla buttercream frosting. Seriously Door County Coffee makes any imaginable flavor of coffee to be good. I mean come on Frosting on the Cake, who wouldn’t want to wake up to that in their coffee cup? YUM!

You want to try this new amazing coffee you say? Well they released this coffee to celebrate their 24th anniversary! So if you ask me, now is the perfect time to try it their coffee because their website is offering 24% off EVERYTHING! YES EVERYTHING! So if i were you I would pick out a bunch of their sample packs to find your favorite flavor and throw a mug in with your purchase just because I know you want a super cute mug to pair with your amazing coffee! Hey and if you spend of $49, you’ll get free shipping on top of it!

Use the code 24YEARS when you buy your coffee too!

img_5595 (This photo is when I took my first sip of this dreamy coffee)img_5592

(And this coffee is when the coffee sank deep in my soul, and changed my life forever) (Did I mention I am pretty dramatic? Well if I didn’t then ask my mother, she’ll inform you how dramtic I am 🙂 )

Well until my next caffeine fix my Girl Scouts.

P.S. Coffee is for owners and boxes are for kitties!