Thoughts in my head, Lets catch up!

Hi my friends, I know I have been not posting as much because I am constantly studying or at work. It makes me feel good that people have been asking me why the lack of writing, because that means they are enjoying my stories.

I recently celebrated my 23rd birthday and it was a blast! My husband and best friend took me to pottery painting place and I painted a Fruit bowl for my kitchen and it turned out better than I thought!

Nothin’ else is really new with me except the new age! Although, I have been cooking a lot and many bottles of wine were sacrificed. πŸ™‚ I can’t wait for my semester to be over so I can finally bake, I have found a lot of recipes I want to try.

There is one thing I guess I did want to talk about. I want to remind everyone what my blog is about. I think this is one of the most weird times in life for people in my age group. Half of the people are moved out of their parents house, or are moving back in, some people have gotten their degree and others are just starting school, people are having kids, and some are just losing their virginities, people are traveling the world and others are working their lives away just to pay rent. We are all still trying to figure out who we are, and honestly I think we are doing this for the rest of our lives, seeing what we like and don’t like. I guess where I am going with this, the reason why I always talk about my age, my life and what I do is because I want to show people who are around my age that we can do anything we set our minds too. I get all the time, “Oh you make such fancy food,” in reality all I do is follow a recipe. We have all been taught to read instructions since grade school and if I see something that looks yummy I make it and if the recipe looks a little difficult I modify it the way that is easiest for me to cook it. Now that I have made so many recipes I can whip up something in a flash with whatever I have in the fridge. I also get all the time “Well you are married, so you have to cook all the time,” and that is not the case at all. I cook because I want us to be healthy and we can’t afford to go out and eat every night of the week. I also like encouraging people to go out of their comfort zone, like this summer I tried yoga for the first time and I ended up loving it, I also didn’t wear makeup for 30 days. In the end, I like to think of myself as a realistic blogger. I am a normal 23 year old that works 35 hours a week, and goes to school. I don’t have a fancy camera to take amazing pictures the food I make, I also don’t have all white plates and all white countertops to make it look perfect, I don’t have this super flexible body to do all the different yoga poses, I do have pimples ( especially when I have an exam). I live in a 900 square foot apartment and most everything I have is hammy downs or used and I am OK with that. I am more than okay with it because that is what makes me different then everyone else. It makes me unique. I think to sum everything up, we are all still learning, so why can’t we do it together?

Always remember “Be you, be true.”

Oh hey, stay tuned! I do have something exciting to share with you! Hint: It may have to do with coffee πŸ™‚

E. Little your normal girl living the 23 year old dream.

p.s. Have any of you ever tried Lush? My mom sent me some face masks for my birthday and I love them! I will have to go get some more of their products because I am officially in love!

Also, I do post on instagram, Facebook and Twitter quite frequently so find me, I’m the Golden Hair Hippie ❀

Forever Friends.

Today I would like to talk about some of the greatest people I have ever met in my life. My truest friends. All of my friends are all so different from each other and have so much life about them it lifts me up. Now I sound spiritual, but its true being around my friends, I can put my hair down and rock some jammin’ red lip stick. IMG_0819

The picture above is a caption of the girls I chose to be apart of my wedding party and they may not know why I picked them, but I had a reason for each of them, so here you go. On the left, Kristen, we became sisters when our parents married, but became best friends when our parents gave us money and the keys to my moms car to go shopping. She is the person who truly broke out of my shy shell. Kristen taught me to be bold and not care what people think, she also let me borrow her clothes which was pretty awesome. Our parents married and we stuck together, we are very different, but hey when the Black Eyed Peas, ” Where is the Love?” song comes on you bet we will sing it together. Next, Heather, she was the first friend that I had outside of school and was the first person that talked to me when I got hired at a new job. There was so many long days standing at the host stand talking about our boyfriends and life plans. I feel that we both shared a special spunk, we have so much that we want to do in our lives. We have such big plans and we support each other in everything we do and no matter have long we spend apart it’s so easy to catch up, she also helps me keep up with the current lingo so I stay hip. The girl in the long curly hair, McCoy, she was my first new friend when I went to High School. She made High School fun, crazy, and man if any one is more crafty than me, it’s this girl! She shares my old soul qualities like not being able to stay up late, can make some bomb food, and she showed me how good hot tea really is (Cheers I’m drinking some now). Mccoy was always there for me in the dark and bright times, the ups and downs and she was never afraid to tell me if my ideas seemed a little out there. Now she lives 2,724 miles away having the time of her life creating her new adventure. Now for the biggie, Nicole.

She is has my heart where ever she goes, and is the love of my life. Yes, I have my husband who is also the love of my life, but Nicole was my first love. We met in kindergarten and have been attached at the hip since. We are sisters, maybe not by blood, but close enough. We only went to elementary school together, but that didn’t matter to us we stayed close and so did our families. We took road trips together, road in a hot air balloon (a big thank you for Nicole’s smart mouth), and I can’t tell you how many photo shoots my mother put us through. She went through all my life obsticals with me and till stands by my side through anything. Surprisingly, we are actually very different people, but have the same awkwardly weird personality. We are so weird for each other it’s perfect. I love you Ro.

Ellies Wedding267

I also have this unbelievable special group of friends that I can’t get enough of. We all met at a previous job and became so close we all stuck together. Its always a treat when I get to spend the day with my ladies. Now, we all have really have busy lives and all live in different places, we only get together on special occasions. Each of them have a very special soul that just makes this world brighter everytime they smile. 

Cheers my friends for being the best humans the world has to offer. I love you all and feel so greatful to have more then just these friends in these photos as well. 
I hope everyone is surrounded with as much love as I have. 

Peace out Girl Scouts ✌🏻


Why I love “FRIENDS”.

GHH 333.gif

Holy “Crap Bag” I love this show, don’t get me wrong I love Greys Anatomy (and can’t discuss that topic right now), but this is a different love. I love how they always gather at Monica’s apartment or on the most beautiful ugly antique orange couch at Central Perk and are all uniquely different in their own ways, yet they are all friends. Usually, I like watching the show in the morning because I like enjoying my cup of coffee while they enjoy theirs (I know I’m weird) heck I will watch this show any time of the day. Here’s a couple more reasons why I can’t get enough.

1: Phoebe’s little tunes through the show. Between the song about how hamburgers are made and the original song “smelly cat” I can’t help but giggle at the flat-out honesty through her rhymes. Between finding weird analogies with love and lobsters and someone dying and possessing her body you truly never know what’s going on with her, and I think that’s why she’s my favorite character. 

2: Alright how many hair styles does Rachel have on this show? Too many to count, but hey they all looked fabulous on her and if you don’t think so then who are you? My favorite is the “Rachel” haircut with the short layers, I believe she’s the only person that can pull it off. Word on the street she actually did not like that hair cut, but it doesn’t matter if she liked it or not because she looked great!

3: That damn orange couch! A couple of months ago I bought my “Friends” couch because I just thought it was so awesome. Mine was grey and defiantly not old like the one on the show, however I eventually traded it for another one that was more functional for my apartment living room. Since I don’t have enough space in case I find my real “Friends” couch that is actually comfortable and functional I’m on the hunt for a “Friends” chair (don’t tell my husband) that has big arms and velvet material.  There are so many things I can say about the Central Perk scene that I truly love, but I’ll keep it short .

4: Reason number 4, I love this show because it brings you back 2 decades with the 90’s clothes, decorations and media. Yeah people today are trying to bring back the clothes, but it just isn’t the same. Not that I know so much about the time because I was only born in 94, but I know enough that the people today don’t do it right. They didn’t really have cell phones yet just pagers and they didn’t have Netflix so they weren’t addicted to their tv(unless it was to watch Joey in a recent screening) life was simple. I envy that. 

Well there’s my rant about one of my favorite tv shows to watch. There is so much I can add to this, but I’ll just keep it short and sweet. And If you don’t like the show and read all this just because you had nothing to do then I thank you.

Peace out Girl Scouts ✌🏻