Fry of the Stir!

Greetings! This week is already busy and its only Wednesday! School officially started yesterday and I have all my assignments written in my calendar so I stay on top of everything. Tonight I had a hankering for a little Asian cuisine so I went to the grocery store and picked up the goodies. *Side note* … Continue reading Fry of the Stir!

A little of everything!

Good morning Hippies! Its Friday, which typically means for most of you out there your weekend is in a few short hours! Hooray! For me I have coffee in hand ready to start my work weekend and if I'm not working I'll be studying because I have a my first big exam Monday! Last night … Continue reading A little of everything!

Last year today..

September 5, 2016. The day after our best day ever, was probably our second best day ever. We got to spend the whole day together, hanging around Cottonwood, AZ and then also drove up the interstate to Sedona for some hiking. We found this really cool trail that had super awesome views!  This was the … Continue reading Last year today..

“One” written in the books.

Today is a very special day for my husband and I. Today, September 4th we celebrate our first year of marriage and 6 years together. I have been talking about it with our friends and the reoccurring response is "Wow, it's been a year already?" I honestly feel the same way, but time always goes by … Continue reading “One” written in the books.

Wake up and Grind!

Good morning my fellow Hippies! I hope you have your coffee in hand, ready to start the day because you all know I do! I know you are all curious to know what I am drinking today, because it is always something good. When we went on our California trip a friend mentioned that I … Continue reading Wake up and Grind!